The PR Agency of Satan, Brody PR

Jacob Morgan Principal, Chess Media Group

Posted on August 19th 2009


This morning I woke up to find 35+ emails from Brody PR, a company that is apparently trying to help promote someone's book.  I don't know whose book they are promoting and quite frankly I don't really care at this point.  The PR firm sent out emails to a long list of people that included:

  • Shel Israel
  • Francine Hardaway
  • Om Malik
  • Ken Wheaton from Adage
  • and several others

Brody PR sent out a massive email to a giant list of people and forgot to use the BCC field.  This means that when everybody started responding that they wanted to be taken off the damn spam list, that the whole list saw those emails.  Quite frustrating as you can imagine.  The geniuses behind this were Beth Brody of Brody PR and Michelle Brusyo of Digital Brand Expressions.  I don't know about you but I don't want to work with people like this; avoid them!

Am I being to harsh?  I don't think so.  The fact that a company chose to spam me and many others speaks volumes about how they do business and the fact they mistakenly included everyone's name in the CC of the email is also not a good sign.  You have to understand that I get several pitches and spam emails every single day and it needs to stop.  I don't spam all the PR people asking them to talk about me and they should have the decency and respect to not do that to me.  It's one thing to receive a few email pitches but I have now received over 40+ emails from one organization!

pr fail

pr fail again

As I'm writing this I am now getting flooded with support ticket emails by Brody PR letting me know that someone from is going to respond to fix the issue, oh joy!

I'm done writing about this, it sucks and they failed to build relationships with people.  Spam is not the way to go.

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So…how's your morning going?

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Principal, Chess Media Group

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Posted on August 20th 2009 at 11:51AM
The appropriate way to pitch these days, is individually.  Spamming is pretty unforgivable at this stage.  I'm working on a press release startup which will help reporters find fluff-free stories on embargo-only, specific to industries they are interested in.  Press releases are pretty useless at this stage.  Its time to support the presses needs, rather than the needs of PR agencies.  Ultimately the results will be better.