How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Marketing

Jay Baer President, Convince & Convert

Posted on November 3rd 2009

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This is a Webinar I conducted recently for MarketingProfs (a Convince & Convert client), sponsored by Citrix (makers of GoToWebinar and GoToMyPC).

The Big Social Media Integration Picture

Social media and conversation marketing transform brands like no other communication methodology previously, because it changes the fundamental nature of the brand/customer relationship.

But, social media and conversation marketing are inefficient vehicles. It's difficult to achieve economies of scale when you're developing relationships with customers on an individualized or small group basis.

Thus, social media is not a solo act. It's best as part of a jazz combo.

Instead of thinking of social media as a freestanding tactic, first consider how you can add social media components to your existing marketing initiatives.

3 Step Social Media Adoption Plan

1. Devise an appropriate, tactically-agnostic social media strategy
2. Audit your current marketing, and add social media ingredients
3. Where necessary, add new social media programs

5 Ways to Achieve Cross-Media Synergy with Social Media

1. Social Media + Search Marketing
Core tenets of inbound marketing. Create content about your brand, and distribute it as widely as possible. Get more bait in the water. Optimize EVERY piece of content for search.

2. Social Media + Email
Good email and good social media are much more similar than different. Add social sharing to your emails. Promote your email program in social media, and vice versa. Use your social initiatives to try out new content approaches, adding the most successful content to your email program.

3. Social Media + Virtual Events
Your audience isn't the number of people in the room, it's the number of people in the world. Take your presentation, add it to Slideshare. Promote it on the social Web. Most of my live presentation are to ~40 people. Most of my presentations have been seen thousands of times subsequently.

How can you redefine virtual events by adding social media components? See Radian6 Twebinars that combine Webinars and live Twitter streams. See #blogchat and similar live Twitter chats. See my own Twitter 20 series of live social media interviews on Twitter.

4. Social Media + Live Events
Extend your event before and after it happens, using social media. Think Tweet-ups and other ways that social media can come to life in three dimensions.

5. Social Media + Market Research
Perhaps the most untapped advantage of social media participation. Ask your customers and fans what they think. You can create all-new products via consumer input. You can execute very simple crowd sourcing programs using CrowdCampaign and similar tools.

Social media works best when it's part of something bigger. Are you ready for some synergy?

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President, Convince & Convert

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Posted on November 3rd 2009 at 10:37AM
Clear and precise suggestions, well done. Thank you.
Posted on November 3rd 2009 at 3:38PM
Thanks for sharing this!

I love your comparison with the Jazz combo! I also believe that Social Media alone is not worth that much, but as a support of other methods, it can boost these results.

Another mutually beneficial relationship exists between Social Media and Customer Service. Once you have set up a few accounts on relevant Networking site, you give your customers more options on contacting you, whether they have a complaint, positive feedback or want to share an idea. Social Media monitoring can also improve the response rate, which in return will hopefully promote positive comments.

Robin Carey
Posted on November 4th 2009 at 6:51AM
Great point, Maria. Worthy of a longer conversation.
Posted on November 5th 2009 at 9:38AM
Totally awesome post here with superb examples! This is one of the most effective presentations of the point that the social media juice strengthens when integrated with other marketing efforts. Bravo!
Posted on November 5th 2009 at 5:35PM

I believe that Social Media is important but how it interacts with more established marketing is tricky and can be anything from a waste of time and resources to the icing on the cake. Look forward to reading more about this.

Posted on November 5th 2009 at 5:56PM
Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I appreciate it. 

Maria, I agree completely with the synergy between social media and customer service. I find that on the whole, social media is more effective as a customer retention tool than as a customer acquisition tool. I would have made the point in the presentation, but it would have been off-topic. 

Write something up about that angle! Happy to consider it as a guest post at 
Posted on November 6th 2009 at 3:46PM

Really interesting post, You are right when u talk about the integration of social media into conventional marketing methods. Social Media by itself does not have as much scope as it does when it is integrated into a bigger marketing plan of a business. Although, I also think it needs to be very strategically organized according to specific businesses and their requirements to yield better results.