SMB7 - Hiring/Getting hired in a Web 2.0 World

Jeff Glasson Director of Technology & Digital Content Production , PerkettPR

Posted on May 8th 2008

On the morning of Thursday May 1st, Bryan Person hosted the seventh Boston area Social Media Breakfast. This time around, the venue switched to the spacious Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge where there was a great mix of both new and familiar faces.

This month's topic focused on hiring and getting hired in a Web 2.0 world. In support of the topic, Bryan recruited Stever Robbins, Aaron Strout, Todd Defren and Chris Brogan to present their perspective in support of the topic. Each speaker did a great job in telling their story as well as answering the audience's questions during a short panel at the end.

I attended the event with video camera in hand to capture some footage for those who couldn't be there in person. The first video we have available features Aaron Strout, VP of New Media for Mzinga speaking about his experience with hiring though the use of Twitter, LinkedIn and other web-based tools as opposed to requesting traditional paper resumes.

Once completed, the remaining presentations will be available on the PerkettPR Vimeo Channel. I'll update this post and send out some “tweets” when the are complete and ready for viewing.

Thanks again to Bryan for hosting the event, and we're looking forward to attending again next month!

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Jeff Glasson

Director of Technology & Digital Content Production , PerkettPR

Jeff serves as Director of Technology & Digital Content Production at PerkettPR and is responsible for driving the strategy, direction and execution of social media and digital content programs for clients and PerkettPR's own new efforts. Jeff also serves as the guru behind PerkettPR's Social Media Workshop offering and spends the majority of his time educating team members and clients on current social media concepts and tools, as well as crafting custom social media packages for clients who are ready to begin executing on new media initiatives. In addition, Jeff is responsible for producing blogs, podcasts and videos for PerkettPR and client's who want to add additional multimedia components to their website.
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