September 20, 2016
​Hashtags can be a great way to promote events and invite participants to engage in the surrounding conversation.
September 19, 2016
There's a lot of advice around relating to content marketing and not all of it's helpful. Here are some things you should avoid in your own content strategy.
4 Things I Saw Content Marketers Do This Week — That You Shouldn’t
September 16, 2016
Social media automation tools can be hugely beneficial, but they need to be used with care, as outlined in this post from contributor Aaron Agius.
Why Automation Could Be Killing Your Social Media Marketing Efforts, and What You Can Do to Change It | Social Media Today
September 15, 2016
LinkedIn Ads can be frustrating. The thing is, by making just a few needed improvements, both LinkedIn itself and advertisers could greatly benefit.
September 14, 2016
While having celebrities post about your brand has major benefits, smaller influencers can be more cost effective.
3 Ways Influential Customers are More Valuable than Paid Celebrities | Social Media Today
September 13, 2016
If you're managing social media for a brand, you're going to have to deal with negativity at some point. Here are some tips to help lessen the impact.
8 Tips on How to Deal with Negativity on Social Media | Social Media Today
September 13, 2016
Comedy is one of the most effective ways to create a resonant brand message. Here are ten examples of brands that have used comedy to great effect.
10 Great Examples of Comedy in Brand Videos | Social Media Today
September 12, 2016
Measuring ROI provides proof of whether your marketing efforts are working or not, and based on this data, you can change your marketing strategies to maximize ROI and achieve the desired goal.
3 Steps to Align Your Social Media Efforts with Your Business Goals
September 12, 2016
Does your business have a digital marketing strategy? Here are some notes on how to develop one, and why you need to.
September 09, 2016
What makes a video go viral, and how can you use that in your efforts?
How to create a viral video