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November 28, 2015
​ It’s that time of the year again. Time for decorating trees, wrapping and unwrapping presents, welcoming the new yea r and... prediction lists. In line with that trend, here are some predictions for the future of social media and social media marketing in the year ahead.
30 Predictions for Social Media and Social Media Marketing in 2016 | Social Media Today
November 28, 2015
Did you know that you can search your Facebook posts to find specific things you've uploaded, discussed and commented on. Here's how you do it.
Quick Tip – Searching Your Facebook Timeline For A Specific Post | Social Media Today
November 28, 2015
Images and visual content can play a big part in your social media marketing mix. But how do you maximize your use of visual content? Here are some tips.
Tips for Using Imagery in B2B Social Media Marketing
November 25, 2015
Quotle enables users to share quotes from books - like an Instagram for readers. In this post, Brad Friedman breaks down how the app works and what it adds to the social media space.
Why Quotle Could be the Next Instagram (If You Love Reading) | Social Media Today
November 25, 2015
Instead of spending hours at over-packed shopping centers, smart shoppers are doing their research online first. In fact, many are turning to good ‘ole social media for their gift-giving inspiration.
Influencer marketing infographic by The Shelf
November 24, 2015
We all use apps that request all kinds of access to you and your information for their use. The most recent evidence of this phenomenon is an online quiz from VonVon called “What Are Your Most Used Words on Facebook.” But the quiz is a black pit of privacy concerns, and we're jumping right in.
November 24, 2015
As our world become more and more mobile, marketers will continue to leverage the channel to their advantage. Here are just a few big brands with big social media presence that are using it to stay on top
November 23, 2015
Are you looking for better ways to connect with your Facebook audience? The social media king has offered businesses a new alternative in the form of Facebook video ads. Video is a very powerful tool, something we all understand after the success of various YouTube stars. However, all businesses are incorporating these video ads in their marketing campaign. How can you be different? The key to remember is that you can boost your engagement and conversions if you make small adjustments to the way you target and design your Facebook video ads.
November 21, 2015
Earlier this week, reports and examples suggested that Twitter might be working on a new emoji response tool which would enable users to replace the 'heart' icon for a like on a tweet with any one of 36 emoji options specifically aligned to your response. Why wold Twitter do that? There's actually a lot of data that points to it being a logical, and likely beneficial, change.
Why Twitter’s Emoji Response Tool Makes Sense – New Data on Emoji Use on the Platform | Social Media Today
November 21, 2015
Facebook can be a bit overwhelming with all the various options and settings. If you're not careful it's easy to miss out on some of Facebook's P age features, tools that help increase your reach and improve your P age management. To help with this, h ere are three features that many people miss with their Facebook P ages.
3 Facebook Page Features You May Be Missing Out On | Social Media Today