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Social Networks

February 08, 2016
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing strategies are getting more innovative to help land page advertisement. Similarly, YouTube is having a major impact on SEO rankings. Getting higher rankings for your page through YouTube videos is a grand strategy. Audiovisual influence is a clearer and stronger method as opposed to just using visual means for optimization.
YouTube optimization
February 06, 2016
Twitter is reportedly testing a new function that would enable users to search for and insert GIFs, in-stream, without leaving the app. Which sounds very similar to something that was released recently in another app.
Twitter Borrows From Peach with New GIF Function | Social Media Today
February 05, 2016
Social media is constantly evolving -- it seems like there is always something new and exciting going on. Of course, it's also hard to keep up with sometimes. How do know which new channels to focus on, and how do you use what's out there to increase your social media presence? How do you separate the passing fads for emerging trends that will stick around?
February 02, 2016
Snapchat announced two significant updates last few weeks, both focus ed on the same goal, though their low-key nature may belie the actual significance of the announcements themselves.
How Snapchat’s Evolving One Small Update at a Time (and Why You Need to Pay Attention) | Social Media Today
February 02, 2016
This list of 10 bad social media marketing decisions is meant to prepare you for the biggest mistakes users make, giving you alternative actions to take to avoid them.
The 10 Worst Social Media Marketing Decisions and What to Do Instead | Social Media Today
February 02, 2016
With Facebook’s announcement that their user base reached 1.5 billion people, Twitter’s efforts to revitalize their audience, and Snapchat and Instagram’s rise to social media dominance, we’re left scratching our heads as to where Google+ fits into the mix.
February 02, 2016
If you've experimented with video in social, you may have noticed that successful YouTube content often tanks on Facebook. Or maybe you've wondered how your Instagram videos should differ from your Vines. In this post, we look at how to create high-performing videos for six top social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Vine and YouTube. You'll learn how to use video to educate, entertain, engage and more—regardless of the platform.
Woman smiling and using iPhone and laptop
February 02, 2016
If you’re looking to build a business, organization, or even an individual brand, Twitter can be a great tool to utilize. Twitter can help increase brand awareness, drive web traffic, enhance brand reputation, foster relationships, and establish expertise — if done correctly. Too often Twitter accounts are launched with the best intentions, but quickly lose steam or are mismanaged, which can negatively impact a brand. The best way to avoid this issue is to be strategic with your approach to the channel.
February 01, 2016
Today, Facebook’s announced a new update to how the News Feed works, this time focusing on the strength of the signals which determine where stories rank in the News Feed for certain users.
Facebook Updates News Feed to Factor in Additional Cues on Post Rankings | Social Media Today
January 31, 2016
While 2015 was an exciting year for social media marketers, 2016 promises a host of changes and opportunities. All we need to do is leverage them to improve our social media marketing strategy.