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Technology & Data

February 11, 2016
Sharablee data on who topped social rankings last week (hint: football).
February 09, 2016
The Super Bowl is one of the biggest global events for both the sporting world and for brands. While it’s just two teams that go head to head on the field, for global players from Amazon to Coca Cola, the Super Bowl is a chance to show off the full scale of their marketing arsenal to a global audience. When such large sums of money are being invested into Super Bowl ad campaigns, going viral is pretty much a must, so we decided to use social media analytics to take a look at the lessons brands can learn from what worked and what didn’t work at Super Bowl 50.
February 03, 2016
For the week of January 25, 2016 – January 31, 2016, U.S. brands captured 1.5 billion likes, shares, comments and retweets on content published on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . Powered by Shareablee data, the top U.S. brands across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for each respective industry is shown in the ranking here.
January 30, 2016
Shutterstock released their 2016 Creative Trends report , which highlights some interesting trends to note, based on the most downloaded images, video and audio from their library, narrowed down to each region.
Shutterstock Highlights Rising Creative Trends from Around the World in Annual Report | Social Media Today
January 30, 2016
If your boss walks by your desk, and you have an instant messaging service like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp , Skype, Google Hangouts, or Slack open -- even if you’re just innocently chatting with a coworker about an upcoming project -- you probably immediately switch tabs, don’t you? It’s strange, but most people don’t yet recognize that employee messaging platforms are actually very beneficial for workplace productivity.
January 29, 2016
For companies of all sizes, sharing knowledge between departments is a challenge. Information that could be of use to multiple departments – from Marketing and Customer Support to PR and Risk – can easily get stuck, preventing businesses from performing at full capacity. Social data is particularly susceptible to getting stuck in “siloes” due to common perception that social data is only of use to social media and marketing departments.
January 27, 2016
For the week of January 18 – January 24, 2016, U.S. brands and properties captured 871 million likes and comments on posts published on Instagram . Powered by Shareablee data, the top brand on Instagram for each respective industry is shown in the ranking below. The ranking was topped by National Geographic (Media Publisher) with more than 25.8 million Instagram actions, from posts of wintry landscapes and Arctic animals, and the NBA (Sports League) with nearly 21 million actions, led by Golden State Warriors’ point guard Stephen Curry .
Instagram rankings
January 21, 2016
Musician David Bowie had a profound influence on fashion. In this post, Candida McCollum examines that influence and the part Bowie played in the wider culture of fashion and accepted practices.
David Bowie – Fashion Chameleon and Influencer | Social Media Today
January 19, 2016
For the week of January 11 – January 17, 2016, U.S. brands and properties captured 73.9 million total actions (likes and retweets ) from tweets published on Twitter. Powered by Shareablee data, the top brand on Twitter for each respective industry is shown in the ranking below. NFL (Sports) was the top brand in the ranking with nearly 1.2 million Twitter actions, followed by Bleacher Report (Media Publisher) with nearly 819,000 actions. NFL’s top tweets were replays of amazing catches and reactions during the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals game. Bleacher Report captured the most Twitter engagement from videos of plays and antics by various NBA athletes.
Calvin Klein
January 19, 2016
For the tech community, the holiday season is followed by that other most magical time of the year: the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES is the largest tech event in the world, a weeklong con ference where the world’s leading companies show off prototypes of their coolest innovations and ideas.