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10 Best Tips for Creating a Mobile Site

mobile site



With ComScore reporting that in January 2011, over 89 million people in the U.S. accessed the Internet from their mobile device, nearly 40% of all mobile subscribers, mobiles sites are becoming a must-have for any businesses.



Here are the 10 best tips for creating a successful mobile site:

  1. Make sure the mobile site design and features fit your marketing objectives and targeted audience. Designing an entertainment mobile site for an 18-25 youth demographic and providing information on health insurance to baby boomers require radically different strategies.
  2. Browser recognition is a must for best user experience—make sure you have a device testing strategy to ensure an optimized user experience for the phone types associated with your target audiences.
  3. Landing pages and feature phone sites should be simple and quick, with a look and feel that’s good on all models. The user experience on smart phones is radically different than on feature phones so be aware you need to design for the limitations or extended capabilities of both phone types.
  4. For all phone types keep content manageable, you’re limited by real estate and sometimes bandwidth, and keep content concise and design for the small screen. Feature key products or highly relevant content to maximize site usability.
  5. Ensure that the overall size of a page is appropriate to the memory limitations of the device and customize content according to device requirements.
  6. Keep text as text, don’t make text into images as it increases load speed. Remember the years when we used dial-up modem for the Internet, using phones today on carrier data networks can be a similar experience.
  7. Lean toward using links for navigation on feature phone sites and avoid overuse of graphic buttons etc. The benefit of snappy performance far outweighs the frustration of slow page rendering.
  8. Optimize for the handsets using style sheets, and consider optimization in the design process.
  9. Keep URLs short, and make sure your online Web URL redirects to the mobile site if your mobile site shares the same URL as your online site.
  10. Add buttons to social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.) to increase reach and ROI.

A list of mobile sites samples is available at

Virginie Glaenzer is Director of Marketing at iLoop Mobile. Connect with Virginie on Twitter @virginieg.


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  • May 29 Posted 4 years ago Gfdh Dfasf

    Unfortunately, regular websites generally do not deliver the high quality user experience sought by owners of handheld devices. To accomplish this, you must either modify your existing website or implement a specialized mobile portal.

    Here are some of the benefits you gain from a mobile website...

    - Attract new customers or clients who frequently browse the Internet using smartphones and similar mobile devices.

    - Extend your existing products, services and information to new, responsive markets and market sectors.

    - Provides you with the basic platform necessary to implement targeted mobile marketing campaigns.

    Your mobile website visitors gain the following benefits...

    - They get quick access to directions to your business.

    - They can call you with one click on their mobile phone.

    - They can easily add your business phone number to their
    mobile phone address book.

    - They can easily bookmark your mobile website address for
    fast future reference. I would Recommend for this kind of project

  • May 24 Posted 6 years ago Steve Williams (not verified)

    Great article Virginie and we made this investment to develop a mobile specific website focusing on what users would want to see.  So far the feedback has been fantastic... please share your thoughts if you get the chance to check it out.

  • virginie's picture
    May 20 Posted 6 years ago virginie

    I would recommend for articles and news on mobile marketing:


  • virginie's picture
    May 13 Posted 6 years ago virginie

    Thanks Shilpi. Your additonal tips are great. Particularly the first one about understanding users.


  • virginie's picture
    May 13 Posted 6 years ago virginie

    Thanks Shilpi. Your additonal tips are great. Particularly the first one about understanding users.


  • virginie's picture
    May 13 Posted 6 years ago virginie

    Thanks Oscar. I agree with you. The Mobile Marketing train has left the station and it is time for businesses to embrace mobile now.

  • deandyer's picture
    May 13 Posted 6 years ago deandyer

    hey Valery,

    I appreciate what you have on the mobile tips... Can you refer me to a legitamate learning site that I can learn the mobile marketing system?

    please advise.



  • Oscar Del Santo's picture
    May 13 Posted 6 years ago Oscar Del Santo

    Great post! We need to be ready for the mobile revolution at our doorstep.

  • shilpi choudhury's picture
    May 13 Posted 6 years ago shilpi choudhury

     I shared some tips on the same topic here:

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