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10 Content Promotion Best Practices

Are you ensuring that your blog content gets the attention it deserves?  Once you publish relevant, engaging and information-rich blog content, you need to maximize its social exposure and content-promotion-best-practiceshelp it reach a wider captive audience.  High rates of social content curation are critical to SEO.  When your content is shared on social media, its reach is amplified—leading to more website traffic and lead generation and enhanced SEO.  Blog promotion is critical; it can help you attain status an industry thought leader, increase lead generation and conversion, and land more new business.

To ramp up the ROI of content marketing, maximize the reach of your company blog.  Make your content easy to discover.  You want prospects to find your content, when they are actively searching online, performing research and ready to make a buying decision.  Here are eight key areas of focus and valuable resources to amplify the reach of your content.

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting can be highly effective for content promotion.  Write great content, and then submit it to a leading blog or website in your industry niche.

2.  Content Syndication

Syndicate your content on Social Media Today and Business 2 Community to reach a broad captive audience.

3.  SEO

Through keyword research, you can create blog posts, which target keywords and appropriate niche keyword phrases—complete with inbound links—in order to attract highly qualified prospects.  Speaking to the needs of your audience in their own language will help you attract the very people who are most interested in your content and products or services.  Relevant keywords and keyword phrases can greatly amplify the reach of your content.

4.  Social Media Marketing

Promoting your content on the big four social networks—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+—allows you to target ads based on information that is provided in users' social profiles.  Ad targeting translates to increased relevance and more lead generation and conversion.

Pinterest could be a powerful addition to your content promotion game plan.  Create a solid number of boards on your Pinterest profile, and pin images from your blog content with embedded links back to your website.  In addition, “Pin-it-to-Pinterest” CTAs encourage your readers to curate your content for their own Pinterest boards.

5.  Squidoo

Squidoo lenses are quite popular.  Promote your content in a lens that links back to your most recent blog or premium content.

6.  Social Bookmarking

Posting your content to popular social bookmarking websites, including Digg, StumbleUpon and, can increase website traffic and backlinks and magnify your reach.

7.  Tribber

Join a tribe on Tribber; Tribber is a rich resource for promoting your content and generating a significant amount of social content curation.

8.  SlideShare

Create an informative and entertaining slideshow based on the topic of your latest content—linking to your content in the description of your slideshow and in the slideshow itself.

9. Email Signatures

Create an email signature, which packs a content promotion punch.  For every email you send, there should be a link back to your latest blog content.

10.  CTAs

Always include a CTA in your blog content.  When you publish a new blog post, select a premium offer that is most relevant to your content topic.  Create a call-to-action button for the bottom of your blog post with a link to the landing page for your offer.  Informational offers, including ebooks, whitepapers and webinars, function well, since the people reading your blog are likely to be interested in receiving further free information from you.

To increase the ROI of your content marketing, you must not only rely on your blog subscribers.  You need to cast a wider net across the Internet to attract more interest in your content, your business and yourself as a top-notch content creator and industry thought leader.  The resources and the methods listed above can help you increase your reach and trigger increased website traffic, lead generation and conversion.

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  • Aug 19 Posted 3 years ago michaelgerard

    Great tips Monica.  Your comment that "high rates of social content curation are critical to SEO" is particularly applicable in developing a next gen content marketing strategy. Only the most forward looking content marketers today have truly leveraged content curation along with content creation as part of a powerful content marketing strategy. As more and more companies tap into the power of curation, you'll want to ensure that your own created content can be leveraged as easily as possible by content marketing curators.

  • AutoMate's picture
    Aug 4 Posted 3 years ago AutoMate

    Nice post monica

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