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10 Custom Audiences You Should Be Targeting With Facebook Advertising

I am Disney’s perfectly targeted demographic. For one thing, I have already Liked about a dozen Disney related pages. I visit the Disney Store website at least once a week. I’ve Google Disneyland deals pretty much every day for the past few months. I’ve posted Facebook updates about Disney, including Maleficent references. I’m on the Disney newsletter list. I make enough money to visit Disneyland and purchase Disney products and I have two young kids. I’m pretty much the textbook Disney demo.

Why does this matter to you, the Gilbert small business owner? Take a look at that list of demo targeting a bit closer…what do you notice? If you haven’t seen it yet, this article will be a great help to your Facebook Advertising efforts. There are ten Custom Facebook Audiences that you need to be targeting with Facebook Advertising, and here’s how they breakdown:blog_custom audience facebook advertising

1. Current FansFor one thing, I have already Liked about a dozen Disney related pages. Your Fans are your greatest resource on Facebook. They have already Liked your page, which easily translates to the fact that they are already interested in your services, product, or brand message. If they came to your page organically, and with intent, they absolutely want to know what’s happening with your company.

To target current fans effectively, you need to stick to your brand message and overall brand integrity. For example, Disney currently walks a fine line between what I like to call the Maleficent-Frozen paradox – promoting the darker side of Disney villains alongside the lighter side of Frozen. Disney must remain consistent to their overall brand integrity while appealing to an audience who wants to see more villains. Of course, they walk that fine line beautifully. 

You too must have a keen understanding of what your Fans, your target audience, wants to see as well as what you want them to see. Facebook Advertising to current Fans should include any promotions that you are currently running, any articles or blogs you want more eyes on, any partnerships or non-profit dealings your proud of, any announcements you need blown up, and/or any pertinent information your Fans need to know.

2. LookaLike Fans – Facebook offers us this amazing tool called Lookalike Audience, which is essentially exactly what it sounds like; an audience that looks extremely similar to the audience selected. For example, in this case my number two Custom Audience to highlight with Facebook Advertising is the current Fans Lookalike Audience, or an audience that is custom created by Facebook based on trends, patterns and similarities to your Fans. Lookalike Audiences is found under “Audiences” on the left hand side of your Advertising Platform.

custom audiences facebook advertising

Because your current Fans share certain interests, activities, Likes, and traditional demographics, Facebook can create a Custom Audience based off of these similarities. And because this Lookalike Audience is starkly similar to your current Fans, targeting them with Advertising should provide a great return on investment.

3. Newsletter Subscribers – I’m on the Disney Newsletter list. Targeting Facebook Advertising to your Newsletter connections is a great way to integrate your newsletter topics and conversation onto the Facebook platform. It’s also a great way to invite your Newsletter subscribers to Like your Facebook page and discuss those Newsletter topics with other Fans. Facebook allows you to import your subscribers list directly from MailChimp, or upload it as a CSV file.

custom audiences facebook advertising  

Theoretically, since these individuals have already willingly subscribed to your email list, they will be more interested in Liking your Facebook Page and thus your return on investment in this type of Advertising should be very cost effective.

4. Lookalike Subscribers – Just as with the Lookalike Fans, we can create a Lookalike Audience for your Newsletter Subscribers, and it’s just as easy. This Custom Audience will be strikingly similar to your Newsletter Audience, and thus your Facebook Ads will run much smarter.

5. Custom Website Audience – I visit the Disney Store website at least once a week. One of my favorite new Audience Targeting options is the Custom Website Audience, which allows you to essentially retarget individuals who have already visited your website. You’ll find this option under the Create Audience button within the Audience dashboard.

custom audiences facebook advertising

You’ll be given a pixel that will need to be inserted into your website. If you run Wordpress, just place the pixel within the Header.php file just before the </head> tag. It’s extremely simple, and voila, Facebook will track those users who visit your website and offer you the amazing opportunity to retarget those users with advertising on Facebook.  

custom audiences facebook advertising  


With this form of advertising I tend to act more personable – customizing the ad message to those who had already shown an interest in certain services or products.

6. Lookalike Website Audience – Obviously you’ll want to reach Facebook users who are similar to those who have visited your website, so you’ll absolutely want to run a Lookalike Website Audience. It’s important to remember that this Custom Audience has never actually visited your website, but are similar to those who have. So you can’t customize and personalize your ad message as much as you would for your Website Custom Audience, but you can still get pretty creative. 

7. Google Plus Contacts -- I just recently really discovered the power behind utilizing Google Plus contacts for situations outside of Google, such as Facebook Advertising. From within your Gmail account, you can export your Google Plus lists. If you’re anything like me, you have a Business List, along with many other potential networking lists. Export this list from Google Plus, and import it right into Facebook Custom Audience. The key is to go into the Excel sheet after your exported it from Google Plus and make sure it’s organized to Facebook requirements.

custom audiences facebook advertising  

 Target this Custom Audience with personalized advertising, perhaps even mentioning your connection on Google Plus. 

8. Lookalike Google Plus Audience – Well of course you have to!

9. Email Contacts – Much like your Google Plus contacts, you should have your email contacts categorized and organized. These are great resources for broadening your Facebook Advertising Audience – target those who you’re already connected with but who have yet to network with you on Facebook.

10. Lookalike Email Audience – Duh!

If you have hit all of these Custom Audiences with your Facebook Advertising efforts, bravo! If you haven’t, take your time and work through the list.  

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