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The 10 Customer Service Secrets of St. Nick

What customer service best practices can we learn from the man, the myth, the holiday legend? Here are ten takeaways for true believers in the magic of amazement:

1. He makes his list and checks it twice. The Jolly Old Elf makes doubly sure that his customer information is correct, up-to-date, and in the end, that everyone’s taken care of. Talk about big data!

2. He knows what you’ve done all year. A true master of agile channeling, Santa has real-time knowledge of his customers’ past and current interactions and checks in with them periodically and proactively when he is made aware of a potential or reported problem.

3. He personalizes each and every experience. Your likes, dislikes and individual information are all known to him, and he uses this information to customize and personalize every customer experience.

In addition, he makes sure to call everyone by name. A tried and true standard of major hotel chains is calling a customer by their name to make them feel important. As a tip across all industries, ask early on if you’re unsure of the pronunciation of a customer’s name, and in emails or other written forms of communication, take care to always make sure that you’re spelling a customer’s name correctly.  It’s the little things that count.

4. He’s a master of teamwork and efficiency. With billions served annually, he smartly enlists not just his own happy team, but a global force of former customers, too, in helping to create delight.

5. He listens intently to each customer’s needs and desires. While he may not be able to deliver everything on each customer’s wishlist, he figures out what’s most important and makes it his priority.

6. He keeps thing positive. Just as Disney teaches us about delivering an exceptional customer experience, part of St. Nick’s charm is always being “on” when he’s representing the brand.  Studies have shown that even when people can’t see you, they can still perceive your mood through your tone.

7. He and his team live the brand. You won’t catch any of the staff at the North Pole delivering a less-than-exceptional effort, and their company culture is legendary.

8. He creates loyal brand advocates. I’m still a fan, and I’ll gladly share this with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Millions of other current and former customers are also sure to share their brand experience and delight.

9. He always delivers on time. The legend lives up to deadlines and delivery expectations, overcoming any challenges and obstacles to do so.

10. He follows up with a handwritten note. Call him old-fashioned, but this small personalized extra effort delivers on customer delight.

Keep your customers happy this holiday season and throughout the year with these core customer service best practices. Happy Holidays from Parature!

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