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10 Goals for Online Marketers to Reach Six Figure Incomes at Home. Part 2


10 Steps Every Online Marketer Needs, To Make A Six Figure Income From Home. Part 2BOOM!!

I’m continuing my previous post of goals 1-6. Goals 7-10 are your Money Making goals. You achieve these goals and you will be on your way to a Six Figure Income!

Goal # 7: Affiliate programs

There are all types of companies out there willing to pay you to promote their products. Make money when someone buys someone else’s product! You don’t even need to have your own product to sell. Affiliate programs are a great way to make money when you are first starting.

Goal # 8: Promote your MLM business

You can make good money from affiliate programs but more than likely you are not going to generate a steady six figure income from them. If you are serious about creating that type of financial situation for yourself then join a MLM (multi-level marketing) business that you can connect to your niche! Trust me, I know there is a lot of frustration out there due to the multi-level marketing world but everything bad you have heard or experienced about multi-level marketing or network marketing I want you to chuck out the window!

I’m not saying every MLM company works. You absolutely still have to find the best MLM company out there but if there is one thing I learned during the past nine months of studying elite online marketers is that they all were making their biggest income by tying in some type of network marketing business into their online strategies.

The traditional way of bugging all your friends, family, acquaintances and every stranger you come in contact with about this “new business opportunity” is just plain and simply, dead. If you are building your MLM business this way right now or if you are not in a business because you don’t want to be that annoying salesman everyone hates than it is time to wake up! Receive a residual six figure income by having people come to you! Stop chasing, it’s annoying! Welcome to the beauty of the internet.

Goal # 9: Create your own products

Rake in the money! People love to learn and will pay money to learn if they see it will benefit them. Why do people pay to go to college? They know that if they pay money now they will be able to make more money in the future by using what they learned in college.

When you become experienced enough create training packages that people can buy over the internet that will teach them how to better their health, jump higher, lose weight, learn guitar, speak a different language, become a more confident public speaker, advertise, or whatever you have created your website on!

Through video’s, powerpoint presentations, screen recordings, video hosting sites, some graphic designs and a few other things you can create and sell training packages that will continually make you money for as long as people are coming to your site. Remember to always, always create quality products.

Goal # 10: Help other people do what you’ve done

Whenever you help another person they generally want to return the favor. At some point everyone they know will come to know you. That’s not even the best part. If you teach others to reach these ten goals they will probably join that MLM business with you and you will be making more money as they make more money. You will actually want them to be a better online marketer than you are! That’s the beauty of network marketing.


There you have it. Now you have a better understanding of everything it is going to take to make a six figure income online.


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