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10 Mobile Apps That Will Keep You On Your Social Media Game

Small business owners are always looking for ways to integrate social media into their already extremely busy day.  As a social media coach, I do try to help small business owners learn how to integrate social media into their marketing strategies. One of the most effective ways to do this is to take your social media strategy mobile. 

It’s predicted that by the end of 2014, mobile use of the web will have outstripped desktop access. It’s clear that taking social media on the go saves time and energy – you can tweet while waiting in line at the bank, you can blog while riding the train and you can read RSS feeds while sitting in traffic (when you’re not moving, of course). While most of us have the necessary and very helpful mobile apps for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Foursquare (and if you don’t – download then now!) there are many others apps that can help you stay on top of your social media game.

Ten Apps That Will Keep You On Your Social Media Game

●      HootSuite: This mobile dashboard allows you to manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts while on the go. You can schedule posts and tweets, add updates, track click stats and set up tracking columns to monitor keywords, hashtags and lists. 

●      Google Search: This app allows you to search the web faster and easier. It has features like voice search to allow you to search while on the go without needing to type, Google Goggles, which allows you to take a photo of what you see to get more info about products or landmarks and it allows users to find places near them without typing their location. 

●      NetNewsWire: An RSS reader for your iPhone. This allows you to read the news from millions of blogs and sites that publish RSS feeds. A definite must for those who need to fill wait times – either in line, on the bus or waiting for clients. You can star items or send them to instapaper to save them for later. You can also e-mail articles or post the links to Twitter.

●      PitchEngine: PitchEngine is a web-based service that helps people create content-rich media releases.  The mobile app allows businesses and organizations to create portable, one-page PR sites, with images and videos and publish it to the world, all while being away from the office. 

●      Buffer: Like the desktop version, the mobile version of Buffer app lets you schedule both Facebook and Twitter posts while on the go. Buffer allows you to spread your updates throughout the day. You can add updates easily with the bookmarklet whenever you are reading an article in your browser. 

●      Card Munch: This app by LinkedIn is a great way to turn business cards into contacts, with LinkedIn integration. You can easily convert business cards by scanning the card with the card reader and uploading the information without needing to type. Very useful at business meetings, conventions, trade shows and networking events. 

●      Mobile Payment app: With the mobile age, it is critical for merchants to find new  ways for to close deals and accept payments when they’re on the go. There are many  mobile app tools that enable businesses to process transactions and payments, with next day direct deposit to your bank account. I didn’t include a specific app as it depends in which country you are doing buisness in. Square, Intuit GoPayment are for US based banking, while Payfirma is Canadian. It is well worth looking into a mobile merchant app for your business. 

●      Vignature: With most businesses going mobile, its important to be able to access and legally sign documents while on the go. Vignature lets you access your documents from email or dropbox and open it within the app. You tap to sign and pose for a photograph. Your image is integrated into your signature, along with a date stamp. You can then email the signed document to yourself and any other required recipient. 

●      Wordpress for iOS: With WordPress for iOS you can easily manage your WordPress blog or website from your iOS device. You can moderate comments, create or edit posts, add images and video. You can now write, edit and mangage your blog while waiting for the bus or riding the train to work. 

●      G-Whizz: This Google Apps Browser is a great way to access all your Google Apps, even from a non-android phone.  You have access to over 20 apps right on your smart phone including Google Docs, reader, Google Voice, Gmail, plus Facebook and Twitter. You can send free text messages, track your schedule with Google Calendar, get driving directions and stay up to date with Google News.

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    Jan 9 Posted 5 years ago adr101

    Thanks for the tip Kelly.  Silly Typos!  And thanks for reading!

  • Jan 9 Posted 5 years ago Kelly Sudsbury Hi Ali, Great list - I use many of these apps myself and am very happy with their ability to keep me organized. One note, however: it is Card Munch and not Card Crunch. Cheers, Kelly

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