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10 Must-Know Tips to Leverage Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest for Small BusinessPinterest offers perhaps the most unique benefits among all social media platforms. And if your businesses’ content marketing strategy has not factored Pinterest in the mix you are missing out on a huge chunk of traffic from a site that sends more visitors to web properties than the much-vaunted Twitter and has more than 70 million users.

Here are ten must-know tips to generate views, leads, and sales through Pinterest.

1. While this image-sharing digital pinboard can work wonderfully for all business niches, you are at an advantage if your business can provide you with captivating images. Think along the lines of the culinary arts, fashion, lifestyle accessories, travel destinations, hot bods, and even real estate.

2. Women in the age group of 25 and 55 rule the roost here. That said, there’s enough men out there for you to market power tools, sneakers, SUVs, and a lot more. Do not simply wade into setting up boards, pinning some content and repinning some. Learn about the type of content that draws your target audience and makes them share it not just on Pinterest but across social media.

3. Exercise basic social media due diligence. Your profile has to carry the name of your enterprise. You should use your brand’s name as your username. 

4. Link to your profiles on other social media sites. This will give you a better chance at keeping visitors on your online properties. The hard part is getting a captive audience and this technique will allow you to do so with a higher success rate. 

5. Remember, you are out there to engage and not just build traffic. Reach out. Repin interesting stuff, comment on pins, and be of help. Do not endeavor to build an audience, build a community and pay special attention to the power users and opinion influencers.

6. Optimize your blog for easy pinning. Look up Firefox and Chrome plugins that will allow you to enhance the value of your content. Always remember to credit the source of your image. It may be a chore but your brand’s reputation is at stake. PinSearch is a nifty Google Chrome app that will allow you to do the same. Or use Google Image search to locate the original source.

7. Name and tag the images keeping SEO conventions in mind. You know what you’re trying to rank for. The same applies for the description for the image and the link to the site hosting the source content.

8. Analyze. Analytics are indispensable to your content marketing program. And if you wish to achieve a healthy ROI, track things; such as sources of traffic, content that elicits maximum engagement, keyword performance, lead conversion, etc. Infographics, images, photographs, text, and videos – you have a lot of choices. Exercise it creatively and with one eye on analytics data.

9. There are some activities that invariably drive engagement; the basic premise is that you give away something in return for something - a signup or a repin or honest appraisals and reviews. You can give via contests, quizzes, outright freebies, early bird prizes, and even activities in the offline world, such as a purchase or attending a product launch.

10. Mobile internet traffic is growing exponentially by the day. Ensure that your blog is mobile friendly and that the Pin buttons are displayed for easy use.

It is not at all difficult to crack the Pinterest code for successful content marketing. And the rewards are well worth it. Adapt and implement the tips mentioned above. Engage, inspire, be of help, and share good content. 

Join me at http://www.BrettRelander.com for more business building tips you can't afford to miss. 

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  • BrettRelander's picture
    Mar 1 Posted 3 years ago BrettRelander

    My pleasure, Madhava! 

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it and hope the article was helpful. 

    Have a great weekend!

    - Brett

  • BrettRelander's picture
    Mar 1 Posted 3 years ago BrettRelander

    Hi Cat,

    Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing other content. I'll be sure to check it out. 

    Enjoy your weekend!

    - B

  • Justin Belmont's picture
    Mar 1 Posted 3 years ago Justin Belmont

    These are very useful tips for how to promote your brand on Pinterest.  It's a great way to foster community between your company and potential customers. Prose Media is a big believer in Pinterest! Here are three tips from Prose Media for how to use Pinterest effectively: http://blog.prosemedia.com/three-tips-for-using-pinterest-at-your-business/

  • Cat Fyson's picture
    Feb 27 Posted 3 years ago Cat Fyson

    Hey Brett, some great tips here - although I would say to be careful with point 9. when it comes to encouraging giveaways through repins, as Pinterest do have some strict regulations discouraging this (however, I do find that a lot of brands are getting away with it!)


    I've recently put together a few of the ways that you can generate Pinterest content to grow your presence on the site - do feel free to check it out if you wish. http://www.koozai.com/blog/social-media/7-ways-can-generate-awesome-pinterest-content-build-brand/

  • Feb 26 Posted 3 years ago piqoranick

    "Analytics are indispensable to your content marketing program."

    Pinterest's free analytics can help folks that are new to Pinterest understand what they should be tracking. Once your company starts to be successful on Pinterest, for ecommerce brands that can mean when Pinterest becomes the #1 traffic referrer, then it makes sense to start looking for more robust analytics, like what Piqora delivers: https://www.piqora.com/

  • Feb 25 Posted 3 years ago Madhava Verma D...

    I am a avid user of the Pinterest and glad to see your important factors to be considered while branding. I have to follow most of these and thank you for the good info.


  • Feb 25 Posted 3 years ago Nathan Carr Ful...

    Thanks Brett Relander, you have shared here very useful tips to use and to get maximum benefits from Pinterest. I think this blog is very beneficial for me as well.


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