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10 Places to Find Blogs to Guest Post On

Guest blogging helps you spread the word about your business or website. It is one way I get more people to view Sociatic and increase my RSS subscriber counts. It is also definitely one of the ways to become a better content marketer. Have you found any value in guest posting? If you haven’t, then you haven’t been looking in the right places.

Here are 10 places you can find blogs to guest post on. No matter the niche you’re in, I promise you’ll find a blog to guest post on.

  • Look on Invesp: This blog ranking directory provides a lot of insight on different blogs in different niches. It was on this site that I learned that Seth Godin has over 450,000 RSS subscribers. I don’t think he accepts guest posts though so don’t rush to contact him. Visit Invesp’s blog rank directory to see if you can find a blog that’ll be interested to accept a guest post from you.
  • Alltop: If you think there are no blogs in your niche to guest post on, guess again. AllTop is a news aggregator site that covers a diverse range of niches. I’m sure you’ll find some blogs there to guest post on so check them out.
  • Blog Ad networks: Sites such as AdvertiseSpace, BlogAds and BuySellAds (for creative industry) makes it easier for you to identify big blogs by sharing some stats with you. These are great places to look for blogs that accept guest posts.
  • Use MyBlogGuest: This is a forum community where bloggers give info about their blogs and then ask for guest posts from other users. You can also request to post an article on a blog whereby you share the terms and conditions of your offer.
  • Blogrolls of popular blogs in your niche: This is an overlooked place when it comes to finding blogs to guest post on. Authority bloggers normally list other authority bloggers in their blogroll. Most of the time, they blog about the same topic so be sure to check these places out too.
  • Adage Power 150 blogs: The power 150 is a list of the top marketing blogs. If you want to reach the business community, be sure to request to guest post on one of the Power 150 blogs.
  • Junta42 Top Blogs: Junta42 is the authority on content marketing and their list of the Top 42 blogs is a great place to find blogs to guest post on. You’ll find blogs covering topics in the area of content marketing, social media, and marketing in general.
  • Check out the social bookmarking and voting sites: Normally, the blogs on the homepages of sites such as Delicious, Digg, Reddit, etc. , receive lots of traffic and they have many subscribers too due to their success on these sites.

Other Tips to Remember About Guest Blogging:

  • It is not every blog that accepts guest posts. Look for a link or page that asks for guest posts to be submitted. If you don’t find any, you can contact the publishers of the blog to find out if they do.
  • Guest Posting works best when you write for a blog with many subscribers. If you write for blogs with just a few subscribers, there wouldn’t be any significant increase in your overall traffic and subscriber count (unless you plan to write a guest post every day). When it comes to guest posting, I don’t post on blogs with less than 5,000 subscribers. You can set your own subscriber limits.
  • Use Quantcast to check the blog’s RSS subscriber count if not available elsewhere. You can also ask the bloggers about this.
  • Hang around on a blog for a while before submitting a guest post. Mingle with its community and provide valuable comments. Leaving 2 or 3 valuable comments is enough to get the publisher’s attention.

Guest blogging is a really great way of marketing your business online on a shoestring and building a community around your brand. What other tips can you share regarding guest posting?

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  • Nov 7 Posted 5 years ago Nurse Call (not verified)

    Thank you very much for the helpful information off to have a look around them now!

  • Aug 27 Posted 5 years ago Reginald Jackson (not verified)

    Thank you very much for the tips and information. I've been looking for something like this!

  • Mar 4 Posted 6 years ago Charles (not verified)

    Thanks a lot. I'm just starting out as a guest blogger and this is very helpful.

  • Mar 3 Posted 6 years ago auto (not verified)

    This is quite time consuming, but if you could actually get a good blogger do a post about your site that would be good, even they slug it down.

  • Jan 17 Posted 6 years ago Tom (not verified)

    Yes, I have tried out few Guests ost, they work really well if the blog already have very good number of subscribers.

    On the other hand your post should be informative and well described, this will  make a lot of difference.

  • Nov 2 Posted 6 years ago nonames (not verified)

    i will give these places a try thanks

  • Oct 2 Posted 6 years ago akhil (not verified)

    I really liked your post. Guest commenting in our niche can do wonders to traffic. Your resources would be a great help for newbies like me. 

  • Sep 14 Posted 6 years ago Ann Smarty (not verified)

    In reality you need just one ;)

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