10 Questions To Develop Your Business

Posted on September 1st 2013

10 Questions To Develop Your Business

Business development is hard and often made harder because we want to attract as many people as possible - but in setting that general tone, we dilute our brand offer.

If there is one thing that I work on during coaching sessions is the clarity of brand vision. Clarity allows you to then focus on what marketing and business tactics can be used to specifically achieve that business goal.

Clarity of vision leads to specific tactics which makes performance management easier!

So as a starter for ten this week can you answer these 10 questions about your business? And how close are your answers to those of your consumers, customers and team?



Anna Farmery

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hallo i would like to learn the best tactics that i would use to write a good proposal to persuade prominent clients to advertise on a radio station.

If you are ready to brand yourself or your business, you need to have a clear understanding of what developing a brand actually involves before you really get started. Your brand-development process should always follow these major steps:

Do your research

Position your product or service

Write your brand definition.

Develop your name, logo, and tagline.

Launch your brand.

Manage, leverage, and protect your brand.

Realign your brand to keep it current.