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10 Things Your Business Will Regret Doing On Twitter

Twitter Marketing Mistakes Businesses CommitSay social media marketing and you have to say Twitter in the next breath. Today, if your business is serious about growing, reaching a huge market and keeping current and prospective customers engaged, it needs to have a presence on Twitter.

In this post, we cover 10 things your business shouldn't be doing if it wants to reap all the touted benefits of Twitter marketing:

  1. Not having a twitter account: Don't have a Twitter account yet? People are talking about your business on Twitter and if you aren't there to hear them, rest assured there are others. Lots of people are taking their complaints to social media, to an audience that will listen and form their opinions about your brand. You don't want that. Create your Twitter account asap - today's as good a day as any.
  2. Ignoring fans: Do you take your followers, fans and their thank you tweets for granted? Don't. They are complimenting you on a public platform and a gracious brand will be remembered forever.
  3. Ignoring complaints: Do you take the ostrich approach when someone complains about your services on Twitter? Sticking your head in the sand won't make their tweet go away, it will only portray your business in a very bad light. Reply to them, try to solve their issue - if you can't, put them in touch with someone who can.Head In Sand Ostrich
  4. Not following back: Is your business account on Twitter not following anyone back? Following too few accounts on Twitter is considered snobbish. The Googles and Facebooks of this world can get away with it, the rest of us can't. Be nice, follow back your followers.
  5. Not tweeting: If you don't tweet, why did you create a Twitter account in the first place? Your followers are following you because they want to hear what you have to say, so say something - be not afraid.
  6. Cross posting: Twitter and Facebook are two different social networks and what works on one will not work on the other. As far as possible, avoid cross posting from Facebook to Twitter and vice versa.
  7. Only promotional tweets: "Buy our wonderful product, it is amazing, fantabulous, gobbledygook" - the easiest way to get unfollowed by all your followers. Keep promotional tweets about your product to a minimum.
  8. Auto DMs for no reason: Most people consider Auto DMs spam. Best if you don't send them. However, if you should, try to think of creative reasons why. Are you running a campaign where you give your new followers something in return for their follow - a 25% discount coupon maybe?
  9. Retweeting compliments: Are all your tweets retweets of compliments your users give you on Twitter? You may want to seriously rethink your Twitter marketing strategy. Self Promotion
  10. Managing to get hacked: Forgetting to take simple precautions (setting a strong password, not sharing it unnecessarily, not clicking on spam links etc.) can cost you dearly. Getting your account hacked will not only ruin the account itself, it will also ruin your reputation. How many users will trust you to keep their data safe after such an incident?


Is your business already committing these mistakes on Twitter? Avoid regret, correct them now. Do you know of any Twitter marketing mistake businesses commonly make? Share them in the comments below.

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  • jenpicard's picture
    Sep 5 Posted 3 years ago jenpicard

    Promotional tweets are the worst! Too many brands don't understand the shift from outbound to inbound marketing, and treat social media like advertising! Social is all about providing value and building relationships - not selling. The occasional, but relevant, selfless plug may come in to play from time to time, but if you see what's really resonating with your audience, it's not going to be those types of posts.

  • Urooj Kazi's picture
    Sep 5 Posted 3 years ago Urooj Kazi

    Hi Navneet,

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Personally, I feel social media is best done in-house, but almost all businesses seem to rely on agencies, which may not be such a good move as you've pointed out out.

  • navneetsau's picture
    Sep 4 Posted 3 years ago navneetsau

    Brilliant post you have shared in this community. I am absolutely agree with the list of points or mistakes which you have mentioned in this article. I have researched the market in the city where currently I am living and found almost all social media & Internet marketing companies which are not active on their social media channels(Twitter, facebook, Google+), Even some of them doesn't have social media icons on their website and some have tweets and updates 3 & 4 months back. I got fed up how they are still standing in the market and how client rely on them without checking their own social media presence on the web.
    I have noticed many businesses & individual making mistakes on twitter, is posting or tweeting very often (difference within seconds) and 2nd is using too many hashtags

  • Urooj Kazi's picture
    Sep 4 Posted 3 years ago Urooj Kazi

    Thank you for reading.

  • Urooj Kazi's picture
    Sep 4 Posted 3 years ago Urooj Kazi

    Hi Sushant,

    Totally agree. I have seen a few users who've sent powerful auto DMs - like a brand that gave away a free pdf to its new followers using them. But, for the most part, they are spam as you've correctly pointed out.

  • Sep 3 Posted 3 years ago reputationllc

    Very helpful information for businesses.

  • treptalks's picture
    Sep 3 Posted 3 years ago treptalks

    Nice list. Most people/businesses use auto DM's for Self-Promotion tweets/materials - which at the end of the day is just SPAM. If poeple can't spam email accounts, then they feel the need to spam your twitter  DM. Please don;t do it!

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