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10 Tips for Improving your B2B Content Marketing

Now that the bold new frontier of content marketing is in full swing, business to business marketers certainly have their work cut out for them. Between blogging, social media channels, email marketing and the multitude of other outlets for content that fall in between, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the tasks of actually using content to drive business. Yet the fact remains, content is a highly effective means for guiding prospects through the marketing funnel.

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The good news is there are numerous resources available that can help with the creation and automation of your content. In addition, by thinking outside the “content box” you can quickly and easily develop content that engages, educates and motivates your target audience. Here are ten tips to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Mix Things Up

If your content is limited to blogging, social media or email marketing it is time to mix things up and add some additional content distribution channels. There are literally hundreds of social media channels, and one of them may be a gold mine for your target audience.

2. Decide: Quantity or Quality?

You may have heard that high quality content that is relevant and useful to your audience is more valuable than a lot of irrelevant content. This is true. However, phenomenal content can be difficult and time consuming to create. There is proven value in good content delivered in small bites via blogging, social media and other channels. So, you can occasionally deliver mind blowing content or consistently provide your targets with good, useful information.

3. Go Beyond the Share

When it comes to content, sharing is caring. Sharing good and useful content is a great way to score points with your prospects. Even better than simply sharing is to provide a commentary or explanation that adds to the share. Improve on a great idea to increase your value to your audience.

4. Share a Content Collection

Instead of sharing just one piece of content, create an entire collection of relevant links. Use tip number 3 to increase the value even more.

5. Give an Unrelated Digital Gift

If you find something cool in one of your feeds that makes a positive impression – share it, even if it is unrelated to your business.

6. Make Content for Your Content

This is especially true for B2B marketers using blogging, social media and email marketing as their main content distribution channels. Making content for your content simply means that you build supporting pieces to support your content. For example, add a slideshow to your email, blogging, social media and other posts.

7. Invite Your Best Customers to Create Content…

Your best customers are your best resource for creating compelling and useful content, after all they are successfully using your products and services. Encourage them to share how, and make it easy for them by doing all the hard work.

8. … and Reward Them for It

Reward your best customers for sharing valuable content and information, make sure that you use blogging, social media and other channels to promote these activities.

9. Reward Shares Too

What have you done for your fans and followers lately? If your content is good enough to be shared you should encourage the maximum number of shares by providing incentives and rewards.

10. Try Something New Every Month

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to creating and distributing content. Blogging, social media and email marketing are great, but don’t forget to explore other avenues such as video, slideshows, Prezis and infographics are other tools that perform well for B2B content marketing.

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