10 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on January 28th 2014

10 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]
If you are walking on the street and someone's following you, maybe you get really scared and run away. But when it comes to social media, particularly on Facebook, you get very excited and try to engage with new followers.

Every social media manager wants to get lots of followers, comments, interaction and ultimately more reach. But with the change in the Facebook feed algorithm, it's getting harder to get more eyeballs on your posts. So how do you craft engaging Facebook posts and what type of content can maximize your engagement? To help you out, our friends at We Are Social Media have created an infographic that breaks down some tips for writing Likey Facebook posts.10 Tips For Social Media Managers To Maximize Your Facebook Page Engagement - infographic

Key takeaways:

Avoid using URL shortner services on Facebook because study shows full-length URLs get 3 times more engagement than shortened URLs.

Asking question, sharing simple quotes and visual content are more likely to be read and share.

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Great post on Facebook engagement. I think starting a short debate can also be a mode of engagement where people can come share their opinions on a particular topic or issue. Enjoy reading the post.

Agree Ajay. Starting a short debate on trending topics is a good way to encourage fan participation.


Wonderful share andi have adopt lot of these tips shortly.

Madhava may I ask you who is "andi" ? ;)

Oops! Thats a typo. Thank you picking it up.

:) No problem. Madhava Have a great day.

Ifran Ahmad, 

Being a college student right now and seeing which posts of my friends get the most likes, I would completely agree with this post. I know from experience that when one of my friends gets more than the usually number of likes, it's normally because the post is a picture or a quote or sometimes even an emotional post where people are responding with encouraging comments. The main tip I have seen on my Facebook would be asking questions and requesting feedback. Recently I have seen a lot of my friends posts things such as "Anyone know of great travel vacations?" or "Just got engaged, where should we have our honeymoon?" And then very shortly after they have over 50 responses with ideas. Great post, really interesting to read!

Thank you, 

Kaile DeLoney 

Thank you Kaile for sharing your experince with us. Totally agree, asking question and posting simple status updates are more likely to get more eyeballs.

Hi! I would share this infographic on Pinterest using the sharing button on the top of the post, but it doesn't work. What should i do?


Simone, I've forwarded this note on to our tech department.  Thanks for letting us know!

I'm glad to have been helpful :)

It seems to be working for us now, but if you're still having trouble, we recommend using Irfan's suggestion.  Thanks again for sharing our work!

Thank you, MJ, but the problem with the sharing button still persists, as you can see...

However, I've pinned it using Irfan's link ;)

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Sorry about that. We are working on overhauling the site right now so the next iteration should be a lot better.

Simon I'd suggest you to learn how to manually "Pin" or upload an image on Pinterest.

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Thank you, Irfan :)

You're welcome.