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11 Tips To Provide Clients With Higher Quality Content

Higher Quality Content

As a content provider, over the past 8 years I’ve written blog posts for a variety of agencies and their clients.

Combining this experience with my love of inbound marketing, I’ve come up with a few tips I think will help agencies and other writers provide quality content on behalf of their end clients.

Inbound Marketing & Content

Hubspot has done a great job jumpstarting a movement towards content marketing. There are hundreds of agencies now providing services to marketing automation customers using the inbound marketing concept.

I’ve worked with dozens of these agencies in one way or another, getting insight to how they launch new clients, plan content, generate content and how it performs for their clients.

The average quality of content is lacking- We Can Do Better!

Through my experience I’ve learned what decent content is and how it makes a difference to a business. I’ve also seen awful content and I know what causes it, and what it causes- the loss of clients.

I’m not talking about content that doesn’t make sense because the writer couldn’t speak English, or the occasional error. In fact the grammar, spelling, and optimization for most pieces I’ve seen has been fine.

The quality of the information in many of these posts is what was lacking.  Posts contained high levels of fluff and little education. They fail to move the reader.

For instance:

  • Two blog posts with identical information, rewritten to include different keywords for SEO purposes.
  • Blog posts written specifically to meet SEO quotas while not providing useful information for the end reader.
  • How to posts that do not go in-depth and teach the very basics in the industry.
  • Content rewritten based on someone else’s article- this is still plagiarism even if it passes copyscape.
  • Curated content with basic summaries and no added value such as the thought leadership of the client.

Overwhelming Levels of Content

Today thousands of companies are providing content for their visitors. Google rewards this by sending more spiders and traffic to these websites. To keep the traffic coming, companies write about everything they can.

They write about content that is easily found other places online, because it keeps visitors on their sites longer. They write about evergreen topics, tools, news and every related idea they can. As long as they can afford content, they keep publishing it for the search benefits.

We All Have The Same Problem As Facebook

Millions of pieces of content are added to the internet daily. When Facebook recently wrote about the influx of content approved for their feeds, few realized this was happening everywhere online.

Google has so many new pieces of content per day, you only see a small fraction of it in your search results, if any at all. Twitter has so many links shared that you can’t possibly read every post you want to. The same for every other source of news on the internet, the content coming in is overwhelming.

Content Needs to Encourage Action

One aspect that has helped Google, Facebook, Twitter and other content curating tools suggest appropriate content are visitor behaviors. For Google they track how long visitors stay on a site, this turns into better rankings, Facebook and Google rely on actions taken by the visitor.

If the visitor likes the content, shares it, or comments on it, it is more likely to be seen by others. Therefore, content needs to be quality, educational, entertaining and actionable.

What encourages action on content?

There are two factors that encourage action on your site.

1- Your Relationship

2- The Impression You Make

Relationships are commonly used to get initial shares on social media sites. Asking friends, colleagues and close social friends to share a new post gives your content access to their networks.

The more relationships you have, the more easily your new content is discovered by people outside of your own network. Unfortunately when it comes to providing content to clients we don’t normally get access to their online relationships who would share the content.

Make An Impression

Have you ever read a piece of content where afterwards you just wanted to print it out, highlight the whole thing, post it on your wall and contact the author to tell them how excited you are to have found their site?

That is a piece of content that no doubt delivers results, it doesn’t necessarily need relationships but it is probably initiating them.

This is the kind of content that encourages action. It gets people excited about learning something new, it makes them want to share the post with everyone they know and it inevitably gets more traffic and conversions.

Few sites are able to deliver this quality of content every time they put something out, but it doesn’t mean that shouldn’t be the goal.

Clients hire freelancers, agencies and contractors to write content. Usually this is content they can’t write for themselves, because they don’t have the time or expertise in writing.

They trust the people they hire (and at good cost) to provide content that will turn into conversions, contacts, leads and revenue for their businesses. In summary, they trust us to provide content that impresses. The question is: Does your content impress?

Raise the Bar- Deliver Better Content- Here’s How!

Chances are your content can improve, whether it is just for you or your client. All I’m saying is not only can it improve, but it really should. With that in mind here are a few tips that should help increase quality.

  1. Hire Quality/Experienced Writers
  2. Stop Using Cheap ‘Services ‘
  3. Insist Writers Read Buyer Personas
  4. Give Each Piece a Topic/Title and Keyword
  5. Shoot for Content That Educates
  6. Do Not Publish Rehashed Content
  7. Format Posts Professionally
  8. Use Copy In the Content
  9. Do Not Be Promotional
  10. Give Information The Readers Want To Know
  11. Realize the Importance of Content and Focus on It Accordingly

Cheap Content Costs You Clients

Content for a client’s website needs to bring in search traffic, and convert that traffic. When it doesn’t clients eventually walk from the lack of results.

So yes, some of the tips above can be more expensive up front, but down the road they save agencies money by helping them retain clients. And really, which is more important losing a few dollars that show off the quality your agency invests in or saving money now and losing clients?

How About You?

Is it time to re-assess the quality of the content you provide? Do you need to educate your team to make sure they understand proper formatting, buyer personas, and generating content that encourages action? There’s no better time to get started.

If you have questions, feel free to post them below, or find me on social media. And, if you enjoyed this post- please share it with your followers.

Join The Conversation

  • Jan 15 Posted 3 years ago Ken Schmitt


    Thank you for this fantastic article! As the founder of president of an executive career management firm I have worked hard to build my company's reputation. Our online presence is a key factor in that. I spend a great deal of time online reading market and industry related content and I am often shocked by the lack of quality in some of it.  As you stated, often they are simply a regurgitation of someone else's writing or they lack the depth to offer advice or help.  As a reader, I am not excited about what I read and, therefore, I am not motivated to share it or even return to the site on many occasions.  

    Our philosophy regarding content has always been to write what we know and what our followers/readers would most benefit from.  At times, that means joining in on a conversation that is trending, but it is certainly not simply rewriting the thoughts of others.  Many of our readers are executives looking for advice on how to be better leaders, job seekers searching for changes in the market as well as recommendations for resume writing, interviewing and targeting companies, in addition to companies looking to learn how to find top talent.  Knowing WHO our readers are and incorporating our expertise to provide what they want and need keeps them coming back and inspiring them to take action.

    As you so eloquently stated, producing content that is "quality, educational, entertaining and actionable" is the key to results!

    Thanks again!
    Ken Schmitt

  • BudgetVideo4BIZ's picture
    Jan 14 Posted 3 years ago BudgetVideo4BIZ

    Mary points out a huge challenge to folks with Quality to share.  With the increasing shear volume..... how is one who truly has a goal to add VALUE standout from the crows.  I would love to hear what others have found to be the answer to that nagging dilema.


  • Jan 13 Posted 3 years ago Barbara Mckinney

    I agree with you. We must provide a high quality content to our readers. It's useless to post a multiple number of blogs in a week with the same topic. We must realize that content marketing is about helping customers solve their problem and nothing else.

  • Jan 13 Posted 3 years ago Susan Bradley

    Good article, thanks! I see so much fluff and even downright fraudulent content on the web these days. It's frustrating trying to wade through the garbage to get to something substantive. Way too much gaming going on and not enough serious, focused writing aimed at helping readers. Search engines are doing a poor job of filtering out marginal content as well.

  • Jan 13 Posted 3 years ago Adeyemi Fawole ...

    When ever you looking for content writing for SEO or to promote yourself or your organsation you will have to keep in mind that the keyword and writing you used in content should be well defined so it reaches to maximum individuals and I think these steps mentioned in above quote is appropriate and will be prove to be useful.


    Adeyemi Fawole

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