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12 Content Marketing Ideas that Still Rock

Some people argue that by concentrating more on content marketing, we risk dragging ourselves one step further toward becoming a content mill. The fact is you simply cannot make your brand flourish in the virtual world dominated by Google without getting yourself involved in the content marketing process.

We can safely assume that web marketing, outbound marketing, social media marketing, search marketing or will fall flat if it fails to offer engaging content. 

Content is the driving force behind all these marketing initiatives. But not all content marketing initiatives are great for your online presence. I do not intend to confuse you; rather I am going to tell you exactly what types of content marketing actually work.

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Big Fat Blog Post: Whenever I say "content marketing," blog posting is the first thing that comes to mind. Content marketers have long been using blog posts to promoting their online presence and reach out to people.  Blog posting is still by far the most effective form of online marketing. Ignore it at your peril.

Guest Posting: Guest posting is the most powerful and ethical form of link building and it has managed to survive unscathed after the Penguin and Panda massacre. You are going to get more exposure for your brand and  you are going to get a valuable link back to your content from the popular blog that hosts your guest post.

Image Marketing: Images are powerful. The rise of Pinterest demonstrates this well. There is no better way to draw attention to your content than a visually attractive image.

How-to Articles: There are a lot of how-to articles out there and some topics are worn-out. Find the topics that are still relevent and you'll score lots of links and social mentions. Do some research, find good evidence to back up your instructions. Figure out how to solve the problems of your target audience.

Video: Video is the most powerful and the most exciting platform. Conduct an interview, demonstrate something really cool.

Infographic: Infographics are all the rage. They look smart and enable us to present complex ideas via a visually appealing platform. Make one about your brand or about a topic related to your brand. Infographic are often reblogged by other bloggers. They'll often show their gratitude with a link back to you.

Illustrations: Illustration can present ideas in a visually attractive way. They at elegance and insight to your content. Try an ironic comic strip or a beautiful line drawing.

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Ebook: Writing an eBook is extremely time-consuming and it is resource hungry. You have to do extensive research. And, of course, the writing should be high quality. Don't forget that an eBook will also require a marketing plan.

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Memes: Memes are a fun way to connect to your targeted audience. The only hitch is that the memes have to be both inspired and funny. If they aren't, people may not find them interesting enough to share with their friends.

Testimonial: Endorsements in the form of testimonials are always welcome. Endorse other service providers who have done a great job and, in return, you will get a nice link back from their websites. You can also ask your customers to say something about your services and you can then publish those testimonials on your website. This will boost your online presence and increase your credibility.

Case Studies: Make people aware of how you have done a remarkable job helping your clients. 

News jacking: Write on recently popular topics that are related to your niche. You will drive significant traffic to your website.


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