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12 Google+ Communities For Marketers

According to a GlobalWebIndex report, Google+ is now the second most used social platform, beating even Twitter and LinkedIn. While there has been a lot of discussion about the data behind GlobalWebIndex’s study it shows that Google+ is a platform that marketers cannot ignore. It’s so important for search rankings, content and more that we’re better off jumping in early.

As a result, I put together the top 12 communities on Google+ that as marketers we should look at joining and participating in.

Data / Analytics

1. Google Analytics Community

Google Analytics Community on Google+The Google Analytics community is a great place to ask questions, share information and in general, just get involved to learn and teach others.  Topics range in terms of setting up Google Analytics to events for responsive design websites.  The point is – as Google Analytics is one of the most widely used web analytics tools available not only should all marketers get to know the tool better, but also better understand the data that is reported in Google Analytics.

The moderators are veterans in web analytics such as Daniel Waisberg from Online Behavior, David Eckerman from Cardinal Path, and even the official Google Analytics team.

2. Conversion Heroes Community

Conversion Heroes Community - Google+Our ultimate goal as marketers is to help drive revenue by generating leads, conversions, and eventually sales. Conversion Heroes helps address the middle part of that in getting visitors to convert and for you to become a superhero. With topics like A/B testing, optimization, responsive design and more there is a great group here that can help work through CRO and make you a conversion hero.  The discussions you have in this community and in general about conversion can have a direct impact on marketing ROI and bottom-line revenue – so as a marketer check out some ways to test conversion rate and see how to go about increasing it for vital portions of your funnel.

3. Data Data Data Community

"Data Data Data" Community on Google+This community is all about data (as you may have guessed) – and although it’s not necessarily just about traditional business data topics like big data, data visualization and more all come up in this community.  These are topics we all are curious about and occasionally have questions on but generally don’t have a good resource or place to ask.  You may simply stumble into this community and find an interesting link that sparks an idea, or maybe a new way to interpret internal data regardless it’s worth hanging around for the discussion as we become more data-driven marketers.

4. Salesforce Community

Salesforce Community - Google+Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM’s in the market today and if your organization utilizes this CRM, or markets products into the Salesforce community then this community is worth checking out.  This community has a number of great posts on tips and tricks, or additional apps to help get the best information from Salesforce to improve your reporting.

There are communities for other CRM vendors such as NetsuiteZoho, etc if you use or market to each of these other vendor communities as well although many of the others appear to be just getting started.


Social Media Marketing

5. Social Media Marketing Community

Social Media Marketing Community on Google+Social Media is constantly evolving.  The recently released animated picture service, Vine, is a great example of this.  Innovative brands are now starting to explore uses for the new service, take a look at a recent Vine from Wheat Thins.

The point is by participating in regular conversations in a social community you can not only stay up to date on recent events, but also learn more about strategies being employed by other organizations.

6. Social Media Mentors Community

Social Media Mentors Community on Google+Much like the Social Media Marketing Community this is very similar, except also has a mentor component.  If you are new to social media marketing and looking to learn more about the practice, what companies are doing innovative things, and more this is a community to definitely check out.

7. Google+ Discuss Community

Google+ Discuss CommunityThis would not be much of a list if we did not have a community to discuss Google+.  On a serious note – Google+ is still a brand new social layer for many and as a result many are still learning about the basic functionality and benefits of Google+.  For example if you have questions about how to establish a brand page login, or post a YouTube video to your page – then this is the place to ask and seek advice.

8. Influence Marketing Community

Influence Marketing Community on Google+Influence Marketing could be it’s own category – but it applies well to social media.  Do you and your organization have influence to get your audience to take action?

This community discusses everything from influencers on blogs to Klout / Kred social scores.

Content Marketing

9. Content Strategy Community

Content Strategy Community on Google+Self described as “This is the Content Strategy Community on Google+. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, new to the field, or simply curious, there’s something for you here. We aim to be one of the best places online for learning about this exciting and dynamic field—through conversation! Bring your insights, questions, and collaboration” I found this community to be a great place to get to know other content marketers and get involved in all of the discussions from strategy to general content forms.

10. Content Marketing World Community

Content Marketing World Community on Google+This community is centered around the premiere content marketing event in the world.  The community makes the event and there is great interaction in here from attendees whether past or future and general content marketers.  If you want to get involved in content marketing or learn more what it’s about this is a community to check out and get involved in. Recent conversations have included everything from ad copy as native advertising to optimal Wordpress plugin recommendations.


Search / SEO

11. Google Authorship & Author Rank Community

Google Author Rank Community on Google+This is a must join community for any marketers on the content or SEO side.  Not only is the community outspoken and available to anyone who asks questions there is a great constant flow of information. As Author Rank continues to become more important any brand that is producing content and has a blog should know about these topics.

12. SEO Questions Community

SEO Questions Community on Google+Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a topic constantly in discussion in marketing circles.  Especially as other areas like content marketing and author rank begin to exert more influence in SEO the constantly changing field is sometimes difficult to keep up with.  Check out this community for up to date information on SEO strategies and tactics.

One thing to keep in mind about all of these communities is Google+ is one of the newest social networks and as a result many of these communities are just really beginning to take off.  Don’t be afraid to start a community of your own if you cant find a topic you want, or join a community with only a few dozen members as long as the contributors offer quality submissions and content you can develop deeper more meaningful relationships this way. What other communities would you suggest marketers join?

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  • JVocell's picture
    Feb 23 Posted 4 years ago JVocell

    Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment.  The title of the post is purposely "12 Google+ Communities For Marketers" - I did not specify "best", or "top" within the title.  

    Regardless of the title though - I based these 12 on a combination of member activity, engagement, # of members and who they are / who the mod's are, and then tried to look at other communities within that field as well to get an overall picture of what some of the better communites were.  

    There are other great communities other than the 12 I listed, using the SEO example there is a Technical SEO community that did not make this list but is worth checking out as well.  

    All the best,

  • Feb 23 Posted 4 years ago Ryan Crowe

    So why are these the 12 *top* ?

    Edited: Top, not best.

  • Feb 23 Posted 4 years ago Ryan Crowe

    I have no doubt that they are useful, don't get me wrong. I'm a member of some of them, too. But how do we qualify "the best"? It sounds like the title should be "12 Communities Marketers should know about" - if you're going to use the word "Best" there should be some sort of qualifying statement. Are they the best based on... content? Member activity? Mod activity? Interaction rates? Otherwise it just sounds like... here are 12 marketing Communities on Google+.

  • Feb 23 Posted 4 years ago Pragya Sharma

    Hi Ryan,

    Being a member of "SEO Questions" , I won't say that its the best Google communities on SEO, But can assure you with best possible answers for all your issues. They people carry out a weekly hangout discussing the queries, so even if they're being left unsolved in the community, you atleast have experts suggestions to carry it forward. Thanks to contributors: Jim Munro, Lyndon NA and  W.E. Jonk .

    Cheers. : )


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