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12 Key Social Media Takeaways from Top Social Media Experts

At Instant E-Training we recently concluded our popular “Social Media for Business” WebConference and Certification event. We had over 23 live Social Media training sessions conducted by over 18 leading social media experts. Understandably, there were some pearls of wisdom thrown by all our experts over the course of 6 weeks. So we thought to compile what we thought were 12 key takeaways from our Social Media WebConference event. You can implement these for your business right away. So here are 12 key Social Media takeaways by 12 Social Media experts:

1.Act – If you aren’t getting pushback then you aren’t pioneering – Erik Qualman

Don’t be afraid to try new things and get reactions. Every pioneer makes a bold statement which not everyone always agrees to initially. Often people will hesitate to try new things, but don’t let that discourage you. Act, make bold choices and interact with your audience.

2. It’s not about creating accounts, It’s what you do with them – Krista Neher

There was once a time where companies and organizations created accounts just to say that they had them. Now, it is imperative to use them to connect well with your audience. Make your company one that can be personable and one that people can connect with.

3.Collaboration is necessary for Social Media success– Chris Barger

“No other business strategy executes independently; social shouldn’t either”.

All of your social media efforts should align themselves with the same purpose and remain consistent. Along with that, your whole team should also be on the same page with what their role is in order to work together effectively. Involve your legal team, build social media policies, and keep everyone in the know.

4. Life is not about being liked it’s about being effective – Chase McMichael

The goal with Facebook and social media is not just for people to merely nod their heads in agreement and throw a thumbs up, but to take action. It’s about getting your customer to be actively engaged with your product or organization through social media. You need to have the right content to facilitate the greatest interaction. Find the common interests that your brand’s audience shares and give them what they want. The goal is that through their engagement people would have a great sense of what your company is about and choose you when given the opportunity.

5. Content Isn’t Great Until It’s Shared – Lee Odden

Give your audience something worth talking about. Create content that is music to their ears. You can create this share worthy content via a blog and re-purpose it in many fashions. Participate in the conversations that form and engage the growing network to motivate your audience to share.

6. Twitter Golden rule – Give before you get – Hollis Thomases

You need to give your followers things of value to them. Don’t just ask for a sale – instead give them thoughts, ideas, and tweets worth re-tweeting. You want to give your audience information that is of value to them. It is then that they will pay closer attention to what you have to say. Just don’t expect to receive anything, and give, give, give. If it is done right, you will start to naturally get the attention you want.

7. Figure Out Your Customer’s Dream & Sell them – Brian Carter

Remember that the medium is the message. Something that you might share in an email might not be as well accepted as it would be on a Facebook wall. Whatever it is you share, you want it to be memorable. Selling the dream doesn’t mean the product itself, but rather what it represents for your audience. Sell them awe, connection, belonging, fun, happiness.

8. For small business owners, Word Of Mouth Starts With You– Sima Dahl

For a small business owner, no one is going to retweet for you or share your posts like it usually is the case with big brands. So the conversation starts with you ….Creating memorable moments starts with you. Select a social media channel, assess your content, start a conversation, and be creative. Be a real person with real honest opinions. Find people, engage them, and tell them what you are up to. Encourage the conversations that proceed.

9. Our networks are our most important assets – Neal Schaffer

Our personal and professional networks are the most important assets we have and so we should treat them as so. LinkedIn is a great way to access and form that network. Our network provides us with credibility and possible opportunities. On LinkedIn you can join groups, participate in events and even be introduced to new people that your friends and colleagues know. We have a platform to listen, engage, and connect. It’s simple and a great way to tap into one the most important assets you have.

10. Online Video can help captivate, engage, and stimulate your audience – Bob Tripathi

Videos are great because they captivate the viewer’s attention and stimulate their senses via sight and sound. They keep the viewer engaged. In most cases emotion is easily conveyed and thoughts are easily spread. It can be consumed on a variety of devices, making it also easily accessible. People are able to engage with this media by liking, sharing, and commenting, making this a valuable tool in persuasive efforts.

11. What can be found, can be optimized – Bob Tripathi

If there is any content found on the internet, there is a way to enhance its searchability via the web. Whether it be a blog post, video, or a website be sure to use the right keywords, tags, and phrases to ensure those who go searching will find you. Know what your audience is searching for and how they go about looking for it. There is always a way to enhance your content by way of optimization whether be it your web site, videos, images, or any other digital asset.

12. You cannot qualify a gain without the ability to measure it – Marshall Sponder

Not all social media marketing efforts lead to a ROI. You might need to examine your goals and modify them in order to measure your ROI. Figure out your goals and determine how you will measure progress. The ROI comes from tracking what was invested to execute your plan against the results as outlinedby way of Social Media Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Find a practical way to measure and qualify your gain.


These were just a few takeaways from selected speakers and by no means encapsulates the overall knowledge and insights shared by our awesome social media speakers. It’s your turn now, to decide which key takeaway do you identify with the most.

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  • May 15 Posted 5 years ago Maria Elena

    As what KarmaCRM.com observed, in a tight economy, it is more important than ever to reach as many customers as possible. Using social media is a highly cost-effective way to balance the goals of a tight budget with improving customer relationship management (CRM). Using a variety of social media tools can help you build brand loyalty and grow your business even in tough economic times.

  • PJSweeney's picture
    May 9 Posted 5 years ago PJSweeney

    Don't forget the big ROI capability


    Great blog but you are leaving out on of the most powerful ways of creating value through social media - corporate events and sponsorships.

    Many of the Fortune 500 spent millions of dollars on events, venues or activities which can be very highly amplified through Facebook or Twitter if they create an ambient social media experience.

    The success of the social media experience that Vail Resorts created at their mountains (EpicMix) is a great example, but just looking at what Facebook does at all their events, Harley Davidson did at Bike Week and Lexus will do next month at the US Open Golf Tournament. An event can be shared in real time (thanks to technologies like RFID and NFC) without the friction of using a mobile phone or tablet. Pictures are captured automatically with the wave of a tag or bracelet and then posted in real time on Facebook, for hundreds of people to see and engage with.

    I wrote a blog two weeks ago about best practices around social media your readers might enjoy - and I'm happy to talk more if you are interested and want to see some case studies. Here is the blog http://www.dwinq.com/social-blog/bid/144300/The-cost-of-social-media-marketing

    Here is a great example for Major League Baseball that ended up more BBC like than your average video (YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTxjSP07JLU )

  • jedi_roach's picture
    May 8 Posted 5 years ago jedi_roach

    I would add as my favourite saying...

    “The goal is not to be great at Social Media.
    The goal is to be good or better at business
    because of Social Media”

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