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13 Quick Tips To Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

1. Set a personalised URL with your name. The same name you use with other profiles: your brand.

2. Create a unique extract. Can you summarise everything into a single sentence that makes you unique and special, something that sets you apart from everyone else? I bet you can!

3. End in a clear, direct and powerful way. End each section in your profile with something that really makes an impact on the reader; we always remember what we read last better than what we read first. It is quite common to start strong and end weak. Remember, go against the current! No one else does.

4. Achievements and tasks. One of the best profiles I’ve read lately has been the one set up by Víctor Ronco. His way of listing his achievements and the tasks he was in charge of is sensational. Of course, you do need to be a doer and a tryer for that!

5. Media. You can create a media section showing all your appearances in the media in a Presentation/PDF (slideshare plugin).

6. Skills and expertise. Don’t mention your management, business and consulting skills only. Include also something more personal: your human skills, abilities and characteristics… as it happens, this side of things is mainly what’s missing in our environment right now and rarities have an added value. Think about what you’re like as a human being, that’s the key!

7. Interests are key words through which you may be found. Catch the drift?

8. A blog makes your profile much more attractive and powerful.

9. Recommendations. Ask for recommendations from people who may have something interesting to say about you which is valuable.

10. Have you taken any courses that expand, improve and prove what you can do? Include them!

11. Move forward! This involves taking part in groups, setting up your own blog –did I mention that earlier?- and reviewing your profile for 10 minutes every week to streamline it.

12. Show what else you do. Do you have online presentations? Are you showing them?

13. Header. The header is the best opportunity available to position yourself. There are already too many experts in social media, senior community managers and marketing directors. If you’re doing what everyone else does, in what way are you standing out for me?

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  • Isra Garcia's picture
    Nov 28 Posted 4 years ago Isra Garcia

    Hi Darrell. You're welcome. It's so importart to stay human and resonate with people no social platforms.

    Glad you found useful Victor Ronc's profile, I think it's a good example and straight to the point.

    Thanks for the comment.


  • Isra Garcia's picture
    Nov 28 Posted 4 years ago Isra Garcia

    Thanks for your feedback Qnary. We'll keep working hard.

  • Qnary's picture
    Nov 27 Posted 4 years ago qnary

    LinkedIn profiles are becoming so important and are sometimes the only thing a recruiter sees!  These tips are extremely important to getting yourself noticed and sticking out from the crowd.

  • Darrell Ellens in Vancouver's picture
    Oct 23 Posted 4 years ago Darrell Ellens ...

    Hi Isra,

    Thanks for sharing. I did check out Victor Ronco's profile, you are right it is very well written and to the point. I also like what you said in # 6 about human skills and characteristics. What a great way to highlight your personal qualities.



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