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15 Ways These “Fill-in-the-Blank” Blog Titles Will Get You More Clicks

Here are 15 fill-in-the-blank blog titles to help get the creative juices flowing and will help get you more clicks. 

1) The top 7 ____
People love lists. It lets your readers know what to expect by appropriately setting their expectations.

2) 3 Extraordinary ____ to Set You Apart
No, people really love lists. Use buzzwords to help increase curiosity.

3) 7 Secrets of ____
People love “secrets”, so frame your advice in the form of a secret.

4) 5 Reasons ____ is ____
Explain to people why something is the way it is. It will increase your perceived expertise.

5) How to ____ in 7 Days Flat!
Explain how to do things and tell your readers how long it will take.

6) ____ Step-by-Step guide for Beginners
Everyone thinks they are a beginner, and if not, they will likely still want to know what the beginners know.

7) Bad News for ____
“Gossip-y” titles get clicked.

8) Heartwarming Story from ____
Inspiring stories get shared more than negative stories.

9) You’ll Never Believe _____
Challenge your reader's expectations.

10) 6 Undeniable Benefits of ____
Tell them why they will benefit from something.

11) 4 Reasons Your ____ isn’t Working
Help solve a problem for your readers.

12) 12 Things ____ Doesn’t Want You to Know
This is similar to the sharing “secrets” title. Get people thinking they are reading inside information

13) 8 ____ Hacks that you need to know
“Hacks” make life simpler. Share some industry hacks to make your reader’s life easier.

14) 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About_____
Use a little drama to get people to click.

15) 15 ways _____
Hey, this one worked on you, didn’t it? 

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  • Avtar Ram Singh's picture
    Jun 22 Posted 2 years ago Avtar Ram Singh

    Extremely bad advice. Click-bait articles is something that most content marketers are now moving away from because it feels like such a scam.

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