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16 Clever Ways to Outwit, Outhustle, and Outsmart Your Colleagues and Get The Social Media Job

It’s getting brutal in corporate America.  Social media is the new express elevator to success and everybody wants a spot. This means that you’ll need to bring your A-Game to out-hustle, out-promote and out-social your peers.

The surprising bit is that you don’t have to outwork your competition.  You just have to out-shine them.  This is good news for time-starved warriors who have to take care of a family and can’t log impossible hours haunting Twitter.

If you want to jumpstart your career and be the “certified” social media expert then here are some proven ways quickly boost your social media standing  within your company(without being a jerk J).

  1. Get in the Game:
    Join the Twitter and Facebook revolution now.  The accounts are free and take minutes to set-up.  You can’t really talk about social media until you start using the tools. 
  2. Know Your Story:
    This is what all the hoopla around personal branding is about.  Social media is one vast happy hour and you need to know how to introduce yourself.  You probably have some of this figured out but now it’s time to boil it down to 50 words.
  3. Start Writing:
    Writing is critical for winning the social media horse race.  It works like this: writers produce content, content attracts followers, followers build influence, influence… rules the world.  Start writing today and start writing a lot.
  4. Make Connections:
    There are others who care about your industry, niche and passion as much as you do.  Find them and start sharing via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Be careful with competitors but don’t hesitate to start a conversation with other communities that service your industry.
  5. Share the Love:
    Look for other people within your company that blog and tweet.  Be the one who constantly cheerleads and amplifies their message.  In social media, this means liberal re-tweeting, commenting and even reviews on your own blog. This is the quickest way to build your reputation as a “hub”.

  6. Share the Knowledge:
    Get into the habit of keeping your colleagues informed about new social media opportunities.  Don’t horde anything – the old “Information is Power” mantra worked for grandma.  It will get you voted off the island. 
  7. Become a Reporter:
    The social media space is filled with another shiny and new thing every day. Take the lead on evaluating and recommending the tools and ideas that make sense.  You don’t need to go crazy on this, just report on one a week. Your bosses will notice (I promise). 
  8. Start A Blog:
    Remember my sage advice to Write, Write, Write?  Well that’s where your blog comes in.  Blogging is the best way to quickly sharpen your skills and get some feedback from readers in the process.  Plus, it’s a terrific way to announce that you’re in the hunt for social dominance.
  9. Volunteer for Social Media Duties:
    Get your hand in the air!  If there’s tweeting, research, writing or comment moderation to be done – be the first to volunteer.  In fact become the social work horse of the company.  Bet on the fact that your competition is just too lazy to compete!
  10. Get Disciplined:
    By now, you are probably shaking your head in despair.  You’re wondering how in the hell you’re going to find the time to do all “this stuff”.  Well, I have good news: Most of the stuff that passes for social media takes only about 30 minutes a day.  But I’m not going to lie – writing will be difficult at first but it will triple your success.  Good trade.
  11. Adopt the Social Mindset First, Get Fascinated with the Tools Second:
    Your competition will get distracted by the latest social media tool.  You’ll know because they will say questionable things like – “oh, I’m interested in foursquare as a strategic option”. 

    Instead, focus on how to bond with your community, customers, and fellow employees.  Sometimes Twitter helps, but sometimes you just need to pick up the phone and meet for coffee.  Social is a mindset that places value on human-to-human business.  Wrap your head around that mental shift – FIRST.

  12. Act Like a Social CEO Not just another SOCMED Marketer:Once you’ve adopted the Social Mindset, start thinking about how empowered customers can empower your entire company.  This is what your CEO cares about.  Show her that you have a global view that goes further than just being the foursquare mayor at the corner Starbucks.
  13. Find Someone in your Community to Help:
    Make this your permanent modis operandi. Connect people with resources.  Connect people with other people.  Devote your posts, updates, and tweets to others and put your ego on ice.  You’ll be shocked by how quickly you become an indispensable.
  14. Understand the Metrics:
    Is Social Media Worth It? This will be the first (or second) question that management will ask.  The quick answer is yes.  But we all are looking for the tools to prove it (including your other social media job hunters).  Get in the hunt yourself and figure out what metrics make sense for your company.
  15. Become a content creator and not just a tool jockey:
    This one will hurt just a bit but it will make you stronger J.  Resolve to be the person who creates helpful information (aka: Content) in your industry.  Be the whitepaper author, blog poster, info graphic designer, or ebook creator.  No one really cares if you are a hoot suite ninja.  Others WILL notice if your company blog is swamped with visitors wanting your latest content.
  16. Know Why Social Media Matters to Your Company:
    Give serious thought to why your company and brand should connect with your industry, customers, and employees. If there isn’t a straight-line to ROI consider how social media can build brand awareness, thought leadership and reputation.  Have a clear objective because this will become your elevator pitch for the Social Media job.

It’s time to show that you’ve got the right stuff.  Work these tips into you repertoire immediately.  Remember the person most likely to win the Social Media Job is the person who get started first!


Tell me, did I forget any clever tips that helped you boost your social media “street cred?”



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  • Aug 5 Posted 6 years ago ibm123str

    good,thanks for your share.welcome to my laptop battery website.thanks .

  • Aug 4 Posted 6 years ago JoAnne Kao (not verified)

    Great tips, I'm already following most of your tips but need to apply others.  I've shared with my LinkedIn Groups and RT'd.  Thank you! 

  • Aug 3 Posted 6 years ago Amy Trapp (not verified)

    Great tips, thanks!  Similar to what @manojksamy stated, this article made me realize that I'm off to a great start -- but there's so much more I could be doing! 

    @chrisbrogan speaks a lot about social media Karma, and I am a firm believer that if you put enough selfless energy out there, that good things will come back in return! 

  • manojksamy's picture
    Aug 3 Posted 6 years ago manojksamy

    Truly awesome post.

    Loved it. Shared it! I am realizing only now that i am doing few things you mentioned and seeing the results!

    Good day,


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