16 Super Easy Tips for Growing Your Facebook Brand Page

Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper Co-founder/VP Customer, Offerpop

Posted on May 30th 2013

16 Super Easy Tips for Growing Your Facebook Brand Page

Managing a Facebook brand page takes time and effort. Just creating a page won’t help you reach your marketing goals.

But it turns out, there are some super simple steps you can take to start gaining traction for your page. So simple, in fact, that many people miss them.

Don’t let your page linger in obscurity. Take a few minutes each day over the next couple weeks to carry out these 16 easy steps.

1. Invite Friends to Like Your Business Page
This may sound obvious, but it’s an easy thing to forget or discount. Every fan counts. Your personal contacts are a great resource for getting the initial word out about your brand. 


2. Use a Recognizable Profile Pic
Your profile picture appears on your brand’s page as well as in all ads, Sponsored Stories, and news feed updates related to your page. Use an official logo or another image that instantly connects to your brand.


3. Include a Link in the Beginning of the“About” Section 
Putting the link at the end of your summary puts the onus on the user to find your site. Place the link at the beginning, and it will be visible to anyone who visits your brand page. It’s an easy way to increase traffic to your site. 

4. Don’t Forget Your Contact Info
There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find the phone number or address when you really need it. And with recent updates to Facebook mobile pages, those details are front and center.

5. Respond to Questions and Complaints
Leaving support questions or negative feedback unanswered looks much worse than addressing the problem. People respect a brand that owns up to its mistakes and helps correct them.

6. Tell People What You Want
Prompt people to like, comment and share your posts by simply asking them to do so. Sometimes being literal is the best approach to getting results.

7. Choose a Category
You may think that it’s obvious what industry you’re in. You may have explained it in your About section. But officially categorizing your business within Facebook will help relevant users find you, especially with the introduction of Graph Search.

8. Make Your Cover Photo Relevant 
This is the most prominent piece of real estate on your brand page, so make it eye catching! The imagery should line up directly with what your business does. Just remember – no calls to action in the cover photo.

9. Fangate Your Content
When you run promotions, sweeps, or offer premium content, be sure to fangate it. Fangating means requiring people to like your page to participate. It’s a great tool for earning new fans. 


10. Plan Ahead
Use your spare time to schedule future posts. Scheduling is a free feature Facebook offers. It saves times and beats working over the weekend.


11. Get Website and Email on Board
Add Follow and Like buttons to your website and email marketing templates. These people are already invested in your brand. Bring them into the social experience. 

12. Cross Promote
Direct followers from Twitter to your Facebook page, and vice versa. This allows you to create multiple touch points for your customers.

13. Pose Questions 
Asking questions in your Facebook posts is a proven way to drive engagement levels. Make sure your questions are relevant, and chime in when the discussion gets going.

14. Use a Systematic Approach
Make a fleshed-out plan or calendar with specific goals and tasks, and be sure to measure your progress along the way. Social is spontaneous, but planning keeps you primed no matter what.

15. Less is More
Keep your word count down. The shorter the status, the better. Being direct is the most effective way to get your message across.

16. Post Often
Facebook is an ongoing conversation, not a fragmented outbound marketing tool. Use it accordingly. 


Mark Cooper

Mark Cooper

Co-founder/VP Customer, Offerpop

Mark is Co-Founder and VP Customer of Offerpop, a leading social marketing software company.  Offerpop helps marketers engage audiences everywhere. Launch powerful social marketing campaigns inminutes across all major social networks and marketing channels on any device subscribers.

Mark has helped launch an array of online, mobile and media businesses, including the first TV product placement ratings service (Nielsen IAG) and the wireless industry's first mobile virtual network operator (ESPN Mobile).  He began his career building brand campaigns for leading consumer marketers in the US and Asia / Pacific, including NIKE, General Mills and Apple. Mark holds a BA in History and a BA in International Economics from Brown University.

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