17 Keyboard Shortcuts You’ll Love

17 Keyboard Shortcuts You’ll Love

Everybody loves a shortcut. Whether it’s while driving or while using your laptop; if it saves time then great. I came across some amazing keyboard shortcuts that you’ll love. Here are 17 of the best keyboard shortcuts.


1. g then i = Go to inbox

2. e = Archive email and return to your inbox

3. c = Compose new email

4. r = Reply to sender

5. ++c = add cc recipients (++b to add bcc recipients)


6. n = New tweet

7. g + l = Takes you directly to your Twitter Lists

8. j = Next tweet

9. Enter = Open tweet details


To make sure the below shortcuts work, you will need to use certain keys based on your browser. For Internet Explorer & Chrome on PC, use ALT followed by one of the below numbers. For Firefox, use Shift followed by Alt then the number. For any of the above on Mac, use Ctrl + Opt then one of the below numbers.

10. 1 = Home

11. 2 = Timeline

12. 3 = Friends

13. 4 = Inbox

14. 5 = Notifications


15. Left arrow = Navigates to the menu at the left side of the page (e.g., Home, Photos), and you can scroll this list with the up/down arrows.

16. / = selects the search box at the top of the page

17. j/k = moves up/down in the stream

How many of the above keyboard shortcuts are you using?

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