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2010 — Welcome to the Age of Customer Service

At the end of the last decade we saw Amazon snap up Zappos for $928 Million. Combining two of the most customer focused organizations I am aware of on the web and making one of the most powerful customer centric companies out there.

Social media has forever changed the balance of nature in favor of the customer. Zappos was a beacon at the vanguard of how to communicate with customers socially which is why I believe they were so attractive to Amazon.

But more importantly I think this is a sign of things to come in this decade.

Every business must recognize that customer service is now their primary business. The empowerment of the individual consumer can and will affect every brand. In this world where customers can create content at the drop of a hat — displaying their love or hate for a given company — should not be taken lightly.

I believe that we are entering the age of customer service and customer service economy will become the norm this decade and beyond. Brands that fail to adjust will be left out in the cold. B2B marketers should add a new years resolution to their list to work on enabling their customer service to be as good and as socially agile as possible.

Remember this is the year that social starts to transform other areas of your organization!

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