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Is 2013 the Year of Social Selling?

CLDmkt (Cloud Market) thinks it is. The company's product introduces a quick and efficient way to buy, sell and trade products with Twitter. 

Social commerce on CLDmkt

Think eBay and Craigslist without all the logging in, but with the benefit of social transparency. Once a user tweets a listing @CLDmkt, the listing stays up and active until the transaction is completed, or unlisted. 


The way CLDmkt figures it, getting rid of that old piece of furniture, or swapping goods for services should be a whole lot easier with the progress and proliferation of social media channels. So use your Twitter account and 140 characters to buy, sell or trade goods. 

CLDmkt allows users to interact in three key ways on Twitter via @CLDmkt:

  • #Buy - Users tweet @CLDmkt #buy with a brief description of what they’re looking for, and CLDmkt’s search engines reply with relevant listings
  • #Sell - Users tweet @CLDmkt #sell with a brief description, image and seller info, and CLDmkt uploads the listing into its database
  • #Trade - Users tweet @CLDmkt #trade to create listings of items they want to get rid of, and CLDmkt uploads the listing into its database

And what's a good way to launch a product like this? Get a Kardashian involved. No, really, it works, especially when it's for a good cause. 


According to CLDMkt, the company is about to launch #give with an exciting charity partner in the next month or so.  It’ll use the same functionality, but allow users to donate items to their favorite charities a la a Kardashian.

Social Commerce, Madonna-CLDMkt-socialmarketingfella

Want a copy of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour? You can have it for $20 and tweet. And it's a great way to unload used stuff, as well. 

For more information on how the service works, visit:




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