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2015 Content Marketing Predictions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Happy New Year! With 2015 having arrived, we should not be surprised to see a slew of “predictions” columns and other content items coming out.

Last month, the Content Marketing Institute was kind enough to include my thoughts in their annual predictions piece. Earlier this week, a nice infographic went live on the Curata Content Marketing Forum Blog that aggregated some of the most insightful predictions from CMI and several other sources.

Although I’m not a huge fan of infographics, this one is very straightforward and easy to digest, so I’m sharing here. Here’s a quote directly from Curata about the thought process for creating this particular infographic:

To give you a better idea of what 2015 will look like, we compiled predictions from eight different posts on the topic (and added a few predictions of our own!). We’ve also mapped out these predictions by six major categories: measurement, technology, distribution, personalization, content supply chain and organizational structure.

If you want to read more of the information from the Content Marketing Institute yourself, you can find a link to the article on our News page. But to make it easier, I’m posting the Curata infographic below. It’s well worth the time to see what others are saying about 2015, and I’m honored to be featured alongside some smart folks like Ann Handley, Jay Baer, and Lee Odden.

Curata Content Marketing Predictions for 2015

Image Credit: Curata

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