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23 Reasons Why People Spend More Time on Social Media

From Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram, people are sharing their more of their lives online than ever before. Why people spent more time at social media websites than other websites is far from a mystery, however. Here are 23 reasons why people spend more time at social media when they are online:

1. Mobile Technology
Everyone seems to have a smartphone, and smart phones come with applications. With the Facebook app on your home screen, why wouldn't you check on your friends? 

2. Everybody's Doing It
Everybody has that one friend who is not on social media. But that's just it - it's one friend compared to your 600 Twitter followers. 

3. News Outlet
Some people never get on news websites or watch the news on TV. Thanks to article sharing, now they never have to! A scroll down your Facebook news feed will update you on the most important world events. 

4. Networking
Social media makes it easy to connect with people who have more clout than you do. Whether they have more Instagram followers, own a business, play in a super sweet band, or hold a public office, social media makes it easier than ever to connect with celebrities of every level.

5. Sharing Ideas
Social media allows for collaboration like never before. People in different countries can work together on a concept and make it into a reality without ever meeting up! 

6. Keeping In Touch
The hardest thing about moving away is leaving friends behind. The ability to check on your old friends with ease is surely part of the reason why people spent more time at social media websites recently. 

7. Free Marketing 
Businesses do not have time to ask why people spent more time at social media websites than their own websites - they are busy setting up Instagram and Twitter accounts. Social media is great for businesses because it connects them directly to customers. 

8. Popularity 
Ever post something and immediately gotten a bunch of likes? Suddenly, you feel Internet-popular which is the newest form of celebrity status.

9. Emotional Investment
Engagements, birth announcements, wedding pictures - social media gives us all the feels!

10. Feeling Good About Yourself 
Posting an adorable picture of you and your boyfriend and receiving lots of sappy comments makes us feel validated. 

11. Employment Opportunities 
A lot of people post about job openings on their social media accounts, turning job hunting into leaving the right comment.

12. Online Communities 
People like to feel that they are a part of something. Social media creates little communities of like-minded people. Hello, fandoms. 

13. Comparison 
"What ever happened to that jerk from high school? Bet he's not doing so well now... Ha! Look! He works there?!"

14. Easy Distraction 
The power to avoid studying or unexciting job assignments is in your phone. Spreadsheet or Instagram? Biology or Facebook? Is there really a contest?

15. Online Dating
Social media lets us know when it's time to be dating/engaged/married by plastering our friends' happiness in our face. Then it gives us the opportunity to meet other singles. We can look at his profile picture, check her relationship status, get an idea of their personality and ask them out all on one page.  

16. Unlimited Access 
You do not have to pay to be on social media websites. Unlimited pages are part of why people spent more time at social media sites than other sites. And you can stalk your ex.

17. New Relationships 
Making new friends doesn't have to be awkward anymore! Just moved to a new place? Create a Facebook event for your housewarming party and invite all your new Facebook friends.  

18. Personal Outlet
Angry tweets, vague Facebook posts and depressing Instagram captions are all ways of virtual venting. It's a high accessible way to release our feelings without consequences. 

19. Customer Service
Ever been disappointed with a product? What is easier: A) Calling and asking to speak to the manager, or, B) Writing on the company's Facebook wall? It may be passive aggressive but it's low-risk, easy and a component to why people spent more time at social media than calling the offending company directly. 

20. Entertainment 
Everyone wants to follow the accounts of funny people. Status updates about embarrassing moments are also winners. Social media provides endless entertainment for the bored or procrastinating. 

21. Distancing Unwanted Relationships 
Now we can block our crazy aunt from chatting us but remain Facebook friends. No one was offended and we dodged a bullet.

22. Manipulated Reputation 
Through social media we have the opportunity to create our own online personas. We do not have to share the parts of us we don't like. We can carefully craft an online presence that portrays us in ways we think are ideal. 

23. Expressing Opinions 
Social media allows for us to try out different opinions and see which ideas we prefer.

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