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The 3 C’s of Viral Marketing

ImageViral marketing. Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

It can be. If you have the right Content, Community, and Catch. Or, as we call them, the 3 C’s.


There’s so much content on the Internet that it can be hard to compete for even basic awareness in a consumers mind. You’re in a fight for attention with the Old Spice guy, streaming TV shows, and Internet cats. Having strong content is crucial.

What does your video, infographic, giveaway, or ad campaign have going for it that will give it the edge online? One thing’s for certain: your content has to be valuable and beneficial to your target.


As with anything, knowing your audience is crucial. What’s your target market? What are their interests and what do they do look at online?

The second part of community is having a solid online network of people to share your content with. Social media is saturated with links, posts, tweets, updates — you name it. If you don’t have a core network of people to get your posts rolling, it’s going to be hard to get your campaign off the ground.


How do you make your content stand out? What’s the title? How do you keep someone from scrolling past your content? How do you get them to follow your links and engage with your content and brand?  No one knows what the next big thing will be online, but anyone can make a sizable dent in their target market if they utilize the right methods.

We encourage you to keep an eye on the top viral marketing campaigns for inspiration. How can you use similar elements in your campaigns? What do you think makes for successful viral marketing? Let us know your comments.


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  • Nov 14 Posted 3 years ago gzelfond

    One other "C" I would add is Control. Good or bad word of mouth, companies need to be in control of their viral marketing campaigns. One other possible "C" is compensation. May be it is a specific case, but we all like to be compensated or rewarded for successful referrals.



  • JohnLuginbill's picture
    Nov 7 Posted 3 years ago JohnLuginbill

    I completely agree. Simple, precise communication is the foundation to your content. Thanks for your comment, Nikhil.

  • JohnLuginbill's picture
    Nov 7 Posted 3 years ago JohnLuginbill

    Thanks for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated. All of the below are important components for viral marketing strategies and I look forward to hearing more input.

  • Nov 7 Posted 3 years ago Adi (not verified)

    It's not a C but luck must play a big part I would think.  I don't think any marketer has the ability to produce a viral campaign each and every time, therefore there must exist a fair amount of unknowns that help turn something viral over which we have little control.

    That said of course, I think you cover the things we do have control over pretty well.

  • Nov 6 Posted 3 years ago Adrian Brien Au... (not verified)

    The 4th C I would add is Campaign. Just like how politicians campaign for votes. If you have good content and you want it to be seen then you are going to have to promote it. The best advertising is also great content, so if you're content converts there's no reason why you can pay for some traffic to get the momentum going.

  • Nov 6 Posted 3 years ago Nikhil Adhlakha (not verified)

    i would suggest to add a one more C

    1. Communication - Has to be as simple as possible. Specially the message and the way it needs to be replicated.


    If you think this is valid, then would like to have inputs from your side.

  • Nov 5 Posted 3 years ago VANrazz (not verified)

    I would say CURIOSITY, in addution to the 3 i right ?

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