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3 Great Books on Social Media to Read During the Holidays

Fierce Loyalty

Things a bit slow during the holidays? Invest time in these three fabulous reads... They are COMPLETELY worth your time.

1. FIERCE LOYALTY by Sarah Robinson (@sarahrobinson).

Building a social media community - a tribe - is tough, but this book gives some fantastic pointers. Sarah breaks down a process that helped her build and keep a fiercly loyal, successful community in a way that any business can replicate. It's useful and fantastic inspiration just in time for developing your 2013 strategy.Grab it on Amazon here for only $10. It's worth every penny.

2. UNMARKETING by Scott Stratten (@unmarketing).

This is a classic, and a must-read for every marketing professional and business owner. Definately on my "Top 10 Favs" list. It's a manifesto about dropping the promotion mindset of marketing's past and starting to engage. Customers have changed, and successful marketing must reflect and mold to those changes. It's blunt speaking at its best. Get it. It's about $13 on Amazon for the updated version.

3. LIKEABLE by Dave Kerpen (@davekerpen).

What I like about this book is its reminder of how important targeting is. Most marketers know this, but often fail to dig deep enough into their target audience for a true understanding. They assume. But how can you engage if you are posting pablum that doesn't really resonate? You can't. Social media is a critical piece of the total customer experience, and the brand, and this is a great reminder of the basics. Amazon has it for $14.

You can grab ALL THREE of these for less than $40. What are you waiting for?

A few other books are patiently waiting on my nightstand, if you want more ideas - Jay Baer's Now Revolution and Deirdre Breakenridge's Social Media and Public Relations: 8 New Practices for the PR Professional.

What is YOUR best read this year, and why?



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