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3 Hashtag Tools That Will Greatly Improve Your Social Media Exposure

These hashtag tools will allow you to use hashtags more effectively. 

#1: will help you find popular #hashtags.  You can enter a hashtag term and find out its meaning, date first used and related hashtags (see below).

This also lists what is popular, all time high, new tags and top users.  I like to use the popular hashtags to see if my business can relate to any of those.  If so, I can add that tag to some of my posts.

hashtag tools


#2: is where you can get deeper analytics of how a certain hashtags were tweeted by the hour in a 24 hour period.  This can give you a gauge of what hashtags are popular at certain time of the day.

The other lesson I see here is it can gauge the best time for your type of audience.  By the looks of the graph below, if your target audience is a small business, it looks like there is a significant peak in the afternoon and a significant drop in the evening.

hashtag tools



This tool is so useful for engaging and finding current content!  This is more than an analytics tool.  This is an engagement tool.  It includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Vine.  It would be nice to see Pinterest here too.  You can see the specific hashtags on all the platforms or choose to see content on Facebook only, Twitter only, etc.

It is easy to engage and share right from too.  This is a must-use for hashtags, content and engaging.

hashtag tools

The above hashtag tools are so helpful to improve your social media exposure.  A little research time on what hashtags to use can take you far.  Be sure to spend some time digging into each before you post that next #hashtag.

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  • Oct 18 Posted 3 years ago fjabrego

    Hi Janet

    I'd recommend Tweet Binder to analyze and classify tweets of a hashtags.

    Thanks, great post

  • Sep 7 Posted 3 years ago Preston Odenbrett

    HI, Janet

    Hope to send more people to this article :)

    Looking forward to talking again real soon!


  • OsakaSaul's picture
    Aug 24 Posted 3 years ago OsakaSaul

    Just added tagboard and tagdef to the motherload of Hashtag Optimization Tools - and welcome everyone to add your favorites. Tools that go beyond analytics, and actually help us share, get things done:

    By the way, have you seen RiteTag?  Hashtags from terms or tags, so you don't need to begin with a known hashtag.  And then,. 3 ways to get tag suggestions, add them to tweets, and RIteTag tracks what you got for your trouble, helps you refine future tagging with our Stats section and the "My top performing" tab in Tag Optimizer...

    Worth a try - while in beta, we're free?


  • organichat's picture
    Aug 20 Posted 3 years ago organichat

    Thanks Janet for the heads up on these tools. I love tags and look for new ways to use them at every opportunity.

  • Janet Johnson's picture
    Aug 12 Posted 3 years ago Janet Johnson

    That's good to hear that Tagboard has really helped you!  

  • Janet Johnson's picture
    Aug 12 Posted 3 years ago Janet Johnson

    You are welcome Kyle!

  • Janet Johnson's picture
    Aug 12 Posted 3 years ago Janet Johnson

    Hi Marc!

    Thanks for the connections!  Looking forward to your content!

  • Marc Farron's picture
    Aug 11 Posted 3 years ago Marc Farron

    Great information.  Tx so much.  Kadima Consutling, where I'm a Managing Consultant, is a start up specializing in providing branded content to IT companies.  We're working on a few eBooks for IT companies now.

    I just start following you @ Twitter and will send you a connect request on LinkedIn.

    Tx again,

  • kylemj6977's picture
    Aug 10 Posted 3 years ago kylemj6977

    Janet, thank you for ntroducing me to these new tools.  

  • Spook SEO's picture
    Aug 10 Posted 3 years ago Spook SEO

    Hey Janet thanks for sharing! Tagboard's been very instrumental to my success so to thumbs up for that!

  • Janet Johnson's picture
    Aug 9 Posted 3 years ago Janet Johnson

    Hi Zsuzsa!  

    I've seen them for events some.  Thanks for the feedback!

  • Janet Johnson's picture
    Aug 9 Posted 3 years ago Janet Johnson

    Hi Mario! 

    I completely agree!  So many people put hashtags blindly.  I was guilty of it I know better. :)

  • szabozsuzsa's picture
    Aug 9 Posted 3 years ago szabozsuzsa

    Very useful tool Janet, thanks! have you seen hashtags offline too? I think they are great to trigger online conversations.

  • Aug 9 Posted 3 years ago Marketwithmario

    Great tools here. I love  It's better to know if a hashtag will work instead of guess.

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