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3 Important Benefits of Digital Public Relations (Infographic)

More often than not, I get a strange look from people when I tell them that my agency's public relations (PR) division is part of our digital marketing team. To anyone that views PR in strictly traditional terms, yes, this is a unique setup.

If you look at PR with a broader view and understand the implications it can have on lead generation and digital marketing overall, it starts to make much more sense.

Here is a handy little infographic that my team has collaborated on that lays out three areas of digital marketing that benefit from digital PR integration: SEO, Content Generation and Social Media.

PR and digital marketing go hand-in-hand these days. I hope this little graphic helps connect the two worlds a bit.

wedu digital public relations infographic

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  • aua745's picture
    Nov 14 Posted 4 years ago aua745

    This is great, thanks for sharing it. You mention the PR submitter sites like PR Newswire. I'd also add that it's good to bear in mind crowd-sourced news websites (such as this one!) that welcome guest submissions. There's a lot of talk about the demise of traditional PR, but I think essentially, the digital arena has only expanded the possibilities and scope of public relations. 

  • Nov 14 Posted 4 years ago NinaCMartinez

    Thanks for sharing, Craig!  I have to agree with you, especially, with regards to crisis management.  I think we can all agree that there have been far to many ORM fails since the rise of social media's value to PR campaigns, only highlighting the fact there must still exist some disconnect.

    Naming a few off the top of my head, I recall the Nestlé Greenpeace situation, Ocean Marketing's email/twitter incident, and (most recently) the twitter trend regarding Casey Movers and their threat of suing a reviewer on Yelp for a negative review.  If they had, instead, looked at digital channels as a combined source for constructive criticsim and an opportunity to show the public a better, more caring side of themselves, then much of the negative attention towards them could have been mitigated.

    "Traditional" PR is just not enough in this day and age, given the digital space's social reach.

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Nov 14 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    No doubt about it. When we check from relationship perspective, PR, SEO, social media, blog or whatever just build relationship between two parties. So, for me it is really great that digital marketing and PR should work together.

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