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3 Predictions for the Future of Scheduling Posts

Facebook‘s newest additions to pages have community managers and social media professionals jumping up and down for joy! Finally, we now have the option to place controls around admins. With different levels of admins available, you will have more control over your Facebook community.  The second addition Facebook made is adding the option to schedule your posts in advance.  This change, more so than admin controls, may have big implications to the world of social media.  Here are three bold predictions for what this small change will mean for the future of social media.

1. Scheduling posts will become a universally accepted practice. I constantly hear debates back and forth about whether scheduling posts is inauthentic or not. Many believe that if you are tweeting or posting, you should really be there to do so. Others (myself included) think that scheduling posts gives your content to more exposure. Communities don’t live in the same time zone all the time and community managers may not be working 24 hours a day. Facts are that Facebook is now embedding this as a feature to pages. Even if you haven’t scheduled posts before, you likely will now that the option is so readily accessible for you.

2. Scheduling posts will become a feature in all social sites. Since we are likely scheduling posts for weekends and holidays anyway, Facebook just eliminated the need for a third party. I would be surprised if Twitter and other social networking sites did not follow suit. The idea seems so simple that I’m surprised it hasn’t been added until now. Soon enough, it will be standard when posting content that you will have the option to schedule.

3. The scheduling platforms of the world are in trouble! Yes, I’m talking to you HootSuite. Piggy-backing on reason #2, social sites are going to be eliminating the need for third party platforms. Those platforms that are solely for scheduling will become obsolete pretty quickly! If you plan on sticking around or having a successful business, you will need to have something elseappealing to offer customers besides just scheduling content in advance.

Am I totally off base or do you agree? Share you thoughts on scheduling below!

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  • Jul 29 Posted 4 years ago jododds

    I guess this is part of why Hootsuite has launched their new autoscheduling feature. It's a great addition to their service, although sort of takes you back to real time sharing as the autoschedule is made on the day of sharing, so you can't schedule for another day at the best time! I wonder if that will be next...

  • sue_DesigEditor's picture
    Jun 12 Posted 4 years ago sue_DesigEditor

    Also, after F8, Edgerank clearly favors native posts. Translation: Post directly within Facebook to show in fans' timelines.

    I do agree that posting should be as real time as possible, same with monitoring. This is the world we live in, like it or not ...

  • Jun 9 Posted 4 years ago DamianDazz

    That is great news! (for Facebook marketers). And while I do agree the idea of scheduling through the platform itself is long past due and should have been introduced a while ago, I agree with Stefan63 that it is indeed a closed shop. Quarantining people to ONLY schedule through ONE social media account is not good for business. Businesses, if they are to reach a wider audience, need to be analyzing and targeting their audience, and this comes on all platforms, including google+, twitter, and even foursquare...  For one social media company to offer a scheduling option is limiting. Third party platforms allow businesses to cater specifically to that particular 'tweeter', who may or may not be on the same schedule as that 'google +er' or pinterester.

    All hail the third party startups that truly know what the average business needs for marketing!!

  • Digital Age Journalist's picture
    Jun 8 Posted 4 years ago Digital Age Jou...

    Sounds good to me. I find third party platforms extra baggage. It is a much better idea to have an alarm clock or a timer build in to a platform.

    I tried Buffer and when it share my content, all the images were missing and the URLs were shortened so no one know what I was writing about. The result, less chance they would bother to look at what I had posted ANd taken the extra step to time the posting.

    I am not 100% sure of the author's preditions but they sound good to me.

  • Cinsay's picture
    Jun 5 Posted 4 years ago Cinsay

    Definitely agree with the first two points and agree with Danielle on the fact that Twitter has a lot more to do besides adding a scheduling feature to get people to choose them over third-party sites. While the scheduling feature of Hootsuite is great and has been there long before networks jumped on the bandwagon, they've iterated very well since they began, so their feature set goes way beyond scheduling posts, so I don't think they have anything to worry about. 

    Kyle Nelson

    EVP Marketing,

  • Danielle Hohmeier's picture
    Jun 4 Posted 4 years ago Danielle Hohmeier

    Your second point is definitey true for Facebook. With the new scheduling, I'll most likely abandon Hootsuite for Facebook. Especially if Facebook's scheduling allows you to tag pages/users, something you couldn't do in Hootsuite. 

    But as far as Twitter - I think they'd have to make other changes to get people to switch from other platforms. People don't just use Hootsuite bc of scheduling. The other big two for me are...

    (1) Managing multiple accounts. You can't easily switch back and forth on Twitter yet. A reason why I tried Hootsuite to begin with! Twitter's iPad app actually lets you manage multiple accounts easily. If the desktop can mimic that, they'd be a major player for admins. 

    (2) Analytics. While Facebook has insights, and Hootsuite doesn't really provide you with anything other than what you can find there, Twitter doesn't have any sort of analytics. I have come to rely on Hoosuite for reporting. 


    Danielle Hohmeier

    Online Marketing Manager at Atomicdust


  • TashWord's picture
    Jun 3 Posted 4 years ago TashWord

    I agree that it's surprising platforms have taken this long to allow scheduling. It may not be ideal in a social setting to sechdule updates but it is a necessary reality for SMBs trying to keep up with social profiles in general and across time zones in particular.


    However I also agree that some of the social media tools will be just as useful as my first reason for using such a tool is to save me the time of logging into multiple platforms - and that won't change with the scheduling option on the platforms.

  • StefanP's picture
    Jun 3 Posted 4 years ago Stefan63

    As long as you have to schedule messages on each platform seperately, there is still need for tools like Hootsuite. Take the example Google+: Because it is not integrated in Hootsuite and people less often use it. Some Google+ users like it, because they get not spammed by marketers like me. Others (and not only marketers like me) do not like, because it is a closed shop.

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