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3 Reasons Your Business Isn't Leaving Facebook

facebook and business retention

With all the Facebook changes that have lead to social media “experts” foreseeing a mass exodus in their crystal balls, it seems that businesses really aren’t going to go anywhere. Though many want to leave, having become fed up with their lack of post and page views, there are 3 big reasons that none of those businesses are going anywhere.

1. Where else can you hold so many contests?

Facebook (and app makers) have made an endless amount of contests, static pages and add-ons that businesses can add to their Facebook business page to help build content for a business. I have racked my brain to think of another social media outlet that provides such flexibility when it comes to add-ons. Pintrest is the only one that allows a “Pin to Win” but other than that businesses are left to running hashtag contests.

Note-Tumblr has a CSS feature but it only allows for the change in font, color or the addition of a sidebar. If they fixed it to allow for apps it might bring more users around to using it for contests.

2. It provides the most bang for your buck.

Though Twitter is making a big play for your advertising dollars, Facebook still has the largest audience to advertise to. I would propose moving your advertising dollars to Youtube but not all businesses have the capacity to create high quality Youtube video that really sell their product. Until the time Twitter and G+ really get a handle on their new features, Facebook still provides the best way to advertise to the next consumer of your product.

3. Strictly “organic” growth.

Even if thousands of Twitter followers favorite or retweet your businesses’ tweet or G+ followers +1 your G + comment there is a greater number of potential customers on Facebook. Meaning that even though only 5% of your Facebook audience actually sees your post those numbers may still exceed the amount of views your content receives on G+ or Twitter. Many people don’t check G+ daily and tweets can be lost amongst the other plethora of content twitter provides.

Try as you might to remove your company from Facebook, it may not be time to jump ship. Though I would advise you to keep your eyes open for the next social network that provides the use of HTML based pages/formatting on their site.

Do you disagree? Did I miss a network that provides contests to Facebook? I would love to hear your comments in the area below. As always make sure to follow above or below to stay up to date.

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