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3 Secrets to Mobile Marketing Success for any Business

Mobile marketing software is more important than ever in today’s world. That’s partially due to the fact that mobile marketing itself is on the rise.

Fortunately for you, most businesses aren’t doing it effectively (at least not yet). Everybody wants to “go mobile,” but unless they have solid mobile marketing software to show them what’s working and martial their resources, they are largely just flailing around in the dark.

Here are three of the most important things your mobile marketing software should do.

Mobile Marketing Software Task #1 - Segmenting Your List Building/Subscriber Elements

There are many different ways and reasons to segment your subscriber base. One of the most useful is separating by location and interests – especially if you have multiple locations or a variety of products/services.

The best way to segment your lists is by utilizing a short code service and creating different keywords for each location or promotion type. This allows your customers to automatically segment themselves by engaging the location or promo they are interested in. This info can then be leveraged to share similar promotions or location specific offers or events with that audience.

As mobile signups become more prevelant and mobile forms begin to include more marketing channels the segmentation of your Facebook opt-ins from your website opt-ins from your offline opt-ins will become more and more important. This intelligence will allow you to put all the same offers in front of each group, noticing any differences in response rate, conversions, and long term cutomer value based on origin. This will help your marketing campaigns become more targeted, effective and have a higher ROI over time.

Mobile Marketing Software Task #2 - Integrating Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way – perhaps the best way – to court consumers these days. One of the many things you can do with social media marketing is to let your leads know about your mobile list/offers, and encourage them further down your sales funnel.

Of course, different social media sources (Facebook fans vs. Facebook ads vs. Google Plus vs. Twitter, for example) will bring in leads of varying quality. How can you tell which are best? You need mobile marketing software that combines list segmentation with the right tracking and analytics. Cross channel integration is becoming more and more important and agility within business is essential. Luckily, digital marketing software is becoming more and more intelligent and the usability and performance continues to improve in near real time. The key is to get involved early so you can evolve as well.

Mobile Marketing Software Task #3 - Tracking

Mobile marketing software that tracks your data across all marketing channels – mobile, SMS, applications, social media marketing, email marketing, and standard Web & blogging platforms, just to name a few – will help you figure out how to run a more profitable marketing campaign overall.

Mobile marketing software leads customers more quickly to your sales funnel. Image by watcharakun.

It’s essential for you to be able to see how your mobile marketing efforts work in tandem with your cross channel marketing efforts. You can use the Web to drive people to your SMS lists, and vice-versa. The important thing here is that you are able to not only track your results, but also make sense of the information you track.

An Example of How Tracking Makes Mobile Marketing Software More Valuable

Let’s say you’re driving consumers to your SMS list through short code campaigns via Facebook, a blog, and a paid advertising system (PPC) such as Google Adwords (this is all in addition to the more obvious short code options like in store signage). These customers may very well respond differently to the same offers – and you are almost certain to have a different cost per customer acquisition for each of the three methods.

For example, say you spend an average of $6 per customer acquisition via Adwords. You spend $1,000/month on SEO and content for your blog and get 100 new subscribers that way, for a $10/customer cost. Your Facebook efforts cost you $350/month, and you gain 100 new customers that way, for a cost of $3.50 each.

At first glance, it looks like you should stop PPC and blogging and pump your entire budget into Facebook, right?

Not necessarily. The right mobile marketing software won’t just help you track where your customers are coming from, they will consist of list segmentation and other features that will help you discover how much each customer is worth to you over the course of time.

Continuing our example, your mobile marketing software might tell you that customers gained by blogging spend $100 with you in the first month, while PPC customers spend about $50, and Facebook acquisitions rarely spend at all! Dive deeper into analytics for true business intelligence and the info you need to make smart decisions. Your bottom line will thank you! 


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  • Apr 27 Posted 5 years ago 360mobile

    mobile marketing technology that enables brands and enterprises to engage consumers via their mobile phones.

  • Apr 27 Posted 5 years ago 360mobile

    mobile marketing technology that enables brands and enterprises to engage consumers via their mobile phones.

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