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3 Steps to Demystifying Social Media Personalities

There are countless articles instructing you to adjust your brand’s message and voice to each marketing channel for the purpose of achieving real engagement, within social media communities. The advice, however, seems to stop short of telling you how to do that.

Here’s a three-point primer on speaking the language of these new lands while remaining true to your brand.

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Treat Every Tool as a Touchpoint

Part of social media’s value is in creating multiple audience touchpoints at a relatively low cost. If you create a different brand experience with each tool, you can add extra dimensions to your brand.

Metaphor the Medium

Finding the right brand voice for each channel is easier if you create a metaphor that clues you in on how to behave. For example:

  • LinkedIn is a live business networking event. Speak and act appropriately, and really get to know people. Don’t pass out your cards and run.
  • Facebook is a happy hour attended by a group of professionals. Talk about both business and personal interests — and have fun. Just remember, you’re with your associates, so don’t go too far.
  • Twitter is an NPR and The Daily Show sandwich. It’s great for news flashes and real-time reporting, and witty and clever are welcome. The meat of the sandwich is content you’ve created or found, or relevant commentary.
  • YouTube is a TED talk with a Sundance Short Film Festival after-party. You can be educational, but you also must entertain. 

Secure Success Through Story

There are three cornerstones common to all channels and essential for your effectiveness within the multifaceted world of modern integrated marketing:

  1. Compelling, relevant, and resonant content that you create and curate.
  2. The level of engagement you inspire (relies on #1).
  3. The consistency of your brand — even though your brand will show up differently in each medium, everything still must connect to your organization’s core.

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