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3 Tips to Avoid Social Media Suicide

3 Tips To Avoid Social Media SuicideSo you've added Social Media as a key part of your marketing strategy, now what?  Many brands miss the mark when they dive into a social media campaign.  When the hard sell doesn't work, profiles go quiet and eventually die off.  Social Media marketing strategists are then left in the wake to pick up the pieces and turn more naysayers into believers.  For my sake and the sake of my colleagues, don't commit social media suicide.  Be funny, be forthcoming, and be human.

Be Funny:  Humor is one of the most viral types of content you can publish on the Web.  It's effective.  It's empowering. It's everywhere.    

"Science tells us that emotion, not rational thought, is the gatekeeper for consumer behavior" - Dennis Hurley

Be Forthcoming:  Transparency is imperative in the digital age.  If even a portion of your target market is online, your customers are most likely talking about you.  Take this opportunity to promote the positive and respond to the negative.  Whatever you do, please don't ignore, delete or attempt to bury negativity.  We've all seen what happens when brands react rather than respond.  

"A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity." - Dalai Lama

Be Human:  The Human Touch allows brands to build long lasting relationships with customers.  It often leads to improved brand loyalty, credibility, perception of value and a significant increase in word-of-mouth traffic.  Today’s customers are all about social, relevant brands who aren't shoving sales pitches down their throat every few hours. Generations are evolving. They have learned to ignore the irrelevant.

"When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it's because he's so human; and that is the secret of his popularity." - Walt Disney

Proper strategy and execution will allow your brand to secure and maintain the top position in your market. A top position, your competitors will only dream of.  

Remember, before you jump off the Social Media cliff - make sure your bungee cord is attached. Otherwise, I along with the rest of the Social Media strategists will be left picking up the pieces.     

"If you work just for money, you’ll never make it. But if you love what you are doing, and always put the customer first, success will be yours." Ray Kroc   


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  • Sep 13 Posted 4 years ago CoffyGroup

    Spot-on, Angela. Thank you for identifying and sharing these key points with us. Besides being consistent with our efforts, we must not forget that at the end of the day, we are human and we relate with words and are guided by our emotions. Cheers!

  • Angela Irizarry's picture
    Sep 13 Posted 4 years ago Angela Irizarry

    Thank you for reading and commenting!  Great point. "Human is the basis for any kind of development." 

  • Sep 12 Posted 4 years ago go_ol

    Hello Angela,

    I believe your mentioned first and third points are the spine for the success in many fields of acitivies and socia media marketing too. Humor takes part in impressing and enhancing meeting and relationships in actual life; while human is the basis for any kind of development. 

  • Angela Irizarry's picture
    Sep 12 Posted 4 years ago Angela Irizarry

    Thank you for reading and commenting Robert.  I agree that all brand content should benefit the end consumer in someway.  Providing value makes the connection and increases engagement, but, in my opinion, engagement shouldn't be the only goal for a brand's social media strategy.  

    Social Media (and engagement in general) moves consumers through the content funnel.  Done right, the content you post on social media can play a role in reach, engagement, empowerment and ultimately sales.  It's important to identify the purpose of your content to make it effective.

    For example: Will this post increase my reach?  Will this post identify a problem, offer a solution and empower the reader to learn more and possibly make a purchase?   

  • Angela Irizarry's picture
    Sep 12 Posted 4 years ago Angela Irizarry

    Exactly Kent!  Too often, posts are pushed from other sites simply so the other profiles exist and have some type of content.  It's important to understand that each social networking platform has a different type of reader and at times, such as Twitter, a different language.  Automation is not terrible in moderation, but overdoing it makes brands appear robotic.  Personally, I'm not one to interact with a robot unless its name is Wall-e ;-)  

  • Angela Irizarry's picture
    Sep 12 Posted 4 years ago Angela Irizarry

    Thank you Mahendra.  There are many more pieces to the puzzle, but I feel that these three areas are often overlooked by brands and social media professionals alike.  

  • Mahendra's picture
    Sep 12 Posted 4 years ago Mahendra

    Hi Angela thanks for the post, you have really analyzed the secret of business success, yes who thinks like human or customer he will definitely get succeed, I agree with all t your points which you explained and everybody should fallow it.

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Sep 12 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Angela, I agree with the 3rd point - Be Human. A lot of social media marketers talk to machine (the tone they use) rather than human.

  • Sep 12 Posted 4 years ago robertwm

    Social media is best used as an engagement tool – not a better way to broadcast, but a better way to engage with people for their benefit – add to their interests, meet their needs, serve their purpose.

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