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3 Tips to Get People to Hear Your Social Message

Does your company have a FaceBookImage page, Twitter account, Google+, YouTube or even Pinterest boards but no one is hearing your message. Why do think that is? You’re doing all the right things that you’ve learned from watching multiple webinars and reading endless blog post that say content is key, timing is everything but you find yourself still scratching your head. Well, stop pulling out your hair and follow these 3 steps to building an engaging and active Social Media Campaign.


Start by taking your brand out of the equation and start putting a face to your brand. Look within your company and find an employee or yourself who’s willing to put themselves out there and represent your brand. Try letting your employees post ideas or uses their personal twitter account to tweet the company’s message. Remember you want people to engage and like your post and leave comments; well give them some to talk, besides your logo.


This may sound a little silly but you have to stop talking about company. I know you’ve invested a lot of time write content, coming up with marketing plans to drive more traffic to your site or special offers but stop. You won’t get anyone to listen until you start sharing. Try sharing content from others in your industry or that is relevant to the content that you want to share. Over time you’ll be reward by others who will share your content and people will start paying attention to your message.


This is the most difficult concept for companies and bosses to grasp. You need to be Exciting or a little off the wall. I’m not saying go crazy but have fun with Social Media. Yes! You’ll probably offend someone but remember you can’t please everyone. The old saying “some customers you have to let go to grow your business”. If you’re seriously about building your companies brand using Social Media you have to put one foot in front of the other and try something new. Create a funny character that you can share on YouTube video, think of a funny slogan that people will remember or if you can’t come up with your own content then share funny videos and pictures and wrap your brand around it. Remember most likely you’re audience is going to be younger between the ages of 18 to 45. Start speaking their language and I bet your message will be heard!



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