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3 Tools to Boost Your Daily Content Strategy

We live in a world where every one of us is, in some way, a publisher. Our audience on social media is always looking to see what people and brands they follow have to say or share. The combination of a never-ending thirst for content with a never-ending stream of new content on social media has shaped an opportunity for brands to build relevant follower bases on social media.

So just connect the content generation with content demand on social media and build your follower base. Sounds easy? Well, not so fast.

Your followers and fans, expect you to share only the best content out there according to the standards and expectations of the tribe. This means is that its up to you to make sure that every piece of content that you share is relevant, interesting and new to your audience.

While a good content strategy should include creating original content, it is well worth your time to discover and share interesting content not created by your brand. This process is known as content curation. Curating other people’s content will help build a community around a certain interest. The challenge comes in finding relevant content and sharing it at the right time through the most appropriate social outlets.

Every great content curator has multiple sources for content discovery. Here are three tools that will help you discover and share great content with your audience on social media.



This is a beautiful content curation and management platform, currently in private beta (I got in, so you probably can too). Swayy allows you to discover engaging content to share with your audience on social media, based on specific interests. These interests are specific to your followers trending keywords and content types.

Swayy learns about you and your followers as you use it (you can see how your content correlates with the “Top Keywords” section), which delivers content that is more interesting to your follower base.

Through Swayy, you can discover relevant blogs, news, videos and infographics. The app also assists discovery of your content by suggesting hashtags and handles. Comprehensive analytics help you understand how well your sharing strategy is working, and lets you see how your audience reacts (retweets, likes, etc) to each piece of content you shared.

Follow Swayy on Twitter: @getswayy 



Newsle is a great way to follow news about your friends when they are mentioned on the media across the web.

This “Google Alerts for people” tool imports your friends from your social networks. It analyzes over 1 million articles each day to find posts that mention your friends and colleagues (or even yourself).

In addition, you can ask to follow trending people, such as celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc.

The app also uses a 'disambiguation algorithm' to sort out the 'John Smith' you know versus the thousands of other 'John Smith's of the world. You can sign up to get email notifications when a person you follow is being mentioned, or to visit their web feed to get all the mentions in one place.

Follow them on Twitter: @newsle


pocket app 

Not all of us have the time reading content throughout our workdays, but we always discover new content worth reading. This is exactly what Pocket is all about.

Pocket (formerly Read It Later) lets you save any kind of content that you discover. Whether on the web or through the 300+ applications it supports, you can retain your findings for later viewing on your phone, iPad, Kindle, or browser. The best part? You don’t need an Internet connection to get inside of your Pocket.

Follow them on Twitter: @pocket


These apps, and many others, are key resources that are part of any great content curator’s toolset for content discovery. However, it is the combined art and science of the curation process that grows the most relevant followers. What are the top apps that you use for discovering interesting and relevant content?

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  • MikeWilson718's picture
    May 28 Posted 4 years ago MikeWilson718

    Thanks for sharing these tools, I didn't know about any of them and learned a lot. From reading the descriptions of these tools, they seem like they can be great tools for people to share information with their friends and family. Although there are tons of websites that can do what these tools can do, they are going to have to stand out from the crowd by offering unique features and resources for anyone using them. Any tool can be good as long as people know how to utilize it and should be easy to use.

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