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3 Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

get google reviews

Reviews equal trust. If your Google+ Local company page is appearing on the first page of the search engine results, reviews could help you rank higher and get more click-throughs.

In this article I’ll share 3 ways to get more reviews for your business.

1.       Send an Email

Your customers are busy just like the rest of us. While the odd few may go out of their way to leave a glowing review on Google, it’s likely that the majority won’t.

As part of your ongoing marketing it’s good to keep in touch with your customers anyway. Send them an email thanking them again for their business (you have thanked them already haven’t you?) and include a link to your page where they can leave a review.

Make it clear you’re asking for a small favour and offer something in return as an incentive. The chances are most people won’t take you up on your side of the deal, but the fact you’ve offered will mean they’re more likely to do what you asked.

2.       Link to Your Page

The chances are many of your customers don’t even know you have a Google+ Local page. Start linking to it in your email signature and mention it on Twitter and Facebook. The more visible you can make it, the better your chances are of people leaving you a review.

3.       Tap into Your Existing Testimonials

When people have already been kind enough to write you a testimonial offline or on another website, they will be more inclined to respond positively if you ask them to leave one on your Google+ Local page too. As per point #1, you may want to offer a little incentive to get people to do what you’re asking.

What happens if you get a spam review?

Google has its own guidelines for getting reviews removed from listings.

What are you waiting for? Go, get those reviews! 


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  • devdigital's picture
    Oct 24 Posted 3 years ago devdigital

    Thanks for sharing such important and useful information on getting quality review on Google local business page. This really helps in planning our marketing strategy for upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

  • searchblogger's picture
    Jul 27 Posted 3 years ago searchblogger

    Thanks for the comments and sorry for the long delay in responding.

    Pete - that's a very good point you make but I've found if there is some form of incentive and you make people aware they might have to take a minute to set up an account, the majority are usually happy to do it.

    Arun - Yes, you're right. Everyone is looking for a quick way to make an impact but it takes time and a lot of hard work as you say to build up relationships and followings on social media. 

  • Jul 10 Posted 3 years ago petepajor

    I've found that the biggest issue with asking for Google+ reviews is that people often don't want to take the time to create an account if they don't already have one.

  • Arun Singh's picture
    Jun 24 Posted 3 years ago Arun Singh

    Thanks for these advices. For many small companies we work for, getting out of the shade is in fact the most difficult part with social media... Unfortunately, there is no shortcut. Only the right strategy and al lot of perseverance work.

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