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4 Methods to Spur Social Interaction with Blog Content

Boost Interaction with Blog Content

A business blog can be an invaluable tool for educating and informing your audience, proving a unique selling proposition, demonstrating expert knowledge, and establishing credibility among many additional benefits.

Additionally, your business’s blog can serve as a hub for social media content, and be a catalyst for encouraging interaction with, and amongst, your audience.

Spurring interaction and greater levels of engagement are effective for growing the loyalty and strength of your audience, as well as attracting new people to your brand.

Following are 4 methods to gain higher levels of interaction with your blog content:

Call to Action

Providing a simple, clear and concise call to action (CTA) is a simple way to encourage your audience to interact or engage with your blog content. Frequently, telling people what you want them to do will result in many following that course of action.

Conversation Prompts

Make interacting with your blog content easy for your audience by providing conversation prompts. Prompts can take the form of questions, asking for opinions on relevant subject matter, probing for people to share related experience, and anything that nudges people for engagement.

Highlight Share-Worthy Anecdotes

Different demographics, audiences, and social media users will have different preferences for where and how they interact with content. For instance, some people might not be prone to commenting on a blog post, but might feel more comfortable interacting on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. You can encourage this behaviour by highlighting share worthy anecdotes within your blog post for your audience to share with their social graphs, and provide their own commentary and insight.

Sustain Conversations

When someone leaves you a comment, asks a question, shares your content, or otherwise interacts, be sure to reply to those individuals. Not only will you be building your relationship with the person who initiated an interaction with you, but also you’ll be showing other community members that their interactions won’t go unnoticed, which should help to encourage more of the desired behaviour.


How do you encourage interaction with your blog content?

Which methods do you find to be most effective?

As always, it would be great to chat with you more about this in the comments, or on Twitter @RGBSocial

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