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4 Reasons You Should be Using Twitter for Your Business

ImageTwitter has exploded in popularity for both business and personal uses. What makes it unique from Facebook or LinkedIn is the fact that, just as you can with those other social media websites, post status updates immediately for all of your followers to see. The difference is that only 140 characters can be used, which can include links, photographs, and videos if you so choose. Many people also use hashtags to find a group of people that are discussing a topic they are interested in.

Whether you are just starting to use Twitter, have taken a break but want to get serious about using the social media network, or are still thinking about whether or not you want to become part of the Twitter family, here are some ways it can help your social media marketing campaign for your business.

#1 Brand Awareness

With billions of people using Twitter on a daily basis, there’s a good chance that some of those people are customers or potential customers. Make everyone aware of your brand by displaying your logo on your profile page and your profile image for viewers to easily connect your company with your Twitter page. Using your company’s name as your user name is also an excellent idea in order for viewers to remember your business. Twitter is an excellent tool for start-up or small businesses that haven’t had much publicity yet, but can also be used for larger businesses to keep them connected with their customer base.

#2 Find Out if People Are Talking About You

If you are like most people, you prefer products or services that are recommended to you by friends and family. If someone close to you has only negative things to say about a company, there’s a good chance you won’t be doing business there anytime soon. Knowing how people are talking about your business is important, and can be done on Twitter. If someone has only positive opinions of your company, you’ll get the opportunity to thank them. However, if a “tweeter” is talking negatively about your business, you’ll be able to come up with a solution on the social network for all to see.

#3 Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

This is an excellent website to use if you want to boost traffic to your website or blog. Did you write a new blog post? Type the name of the article with a shortened link using a Twitter URL shortener (I like to use I do not recommend writing post after post about your products or sales you have going on because they will end up getting tuned out and people may decide to unfollow you because of it. Instead, post information that your audience will want to read.

#4 Network

Twitter is an excellent networking tool because you’re able to speak with other professionals in your industry or customers. Comment on other people’s posts, retweet their articles, or answer questions in order to help boost a relationship with these people.

Twitter continues to be a booming website and won’t be going anywhere soon, so it may be time for you to become a “tweeter” if you want to stay connected with your audience.

What other benefits have you found with Twitter?

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