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4 Tools for Nonprofit Social Listening and Reputation Management

Keeping track of everything that is being said about you online is difficult, given the myriad online channels available to users. Organizations who employ social listening strategies can identify and engage with new donors, manage their online reputation and get in front of crises as they happen. Here are four tools for that nonprofits can use to monitor social media and web mentions of their brand:

Google Alerts

The simplest way to get into reputation management and monitoring is to set up a few Google Alerts. You can track any keyword or phrase, and Google will send you an email if it picks up any activity on those terms. You can monitor your brand name or any words associated with your organization. You can also specify how often you receive the alerts. They’re an absolute no-brainer and every nonprofit should at least be monitoring their brand name. Experiment with keywords and don’t hesitate to track the names of your leadership staff. It’s as useful for identifying supporters as it is detractors.Fresh Alerts

Moz Fresh Alerts

Fresh Alerts from Moz are essentially Google Alerts with the added benefit of SEO insights. They’ll show you the referring URL of any mentions and includes the feed authority score (a ranking from 0-100 of how authoritative Google considers the website to be). We have found that Fresh Alerts pick up things that Google Alerts misses.


It’s easy to track Twitter users who tag your @username in a tweet, but what if they mention you without tagging your @username? Twilert let’s you monitor conversations exclusively within Twitter. You can set up an alert for your brand name (think: “Bloomerang” instead of @BloomerangTech). That way, you can respond to tweets that mention you without using your @username.

You can also set up alerts for keywords and phrases, which is useful for identifying potential donors, volunteers and other advocates. It’s also helpful in locating helpful content that you might want to share. For example, we have alerts set up for “donor retention” and “donor management” among others.


Mention is an entire monitoring suite that scours for web and social mentions, and delivers them to you via email and through their web dashboard. You can even generate reports for brand activity over time. It’s a nice solution for larger teams that field a high volume of mentions.

Social listening has become crucial to nonprofits for identifying opportunities for positive engagement, reputation management and crisis communications. What tools are you using to keep an eye on the web? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Jul 24 Posted 2 years ago Shopit4me

    Maintaining Reputation of a brand by the means of social media is a good way .Mentioned tools is a good approach in this direction.

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