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4 Ways to Repurpose Your Evergreen Content


If you can repackage old content, you can take reach of a new audience.

Posting an article on your company’s blog doesn’t have to be a one-time deal. There are ways to continue to profit from your previously published work. By repackaging content, you reuse the same articles and blog posts again and again to create new content and to get a higher return on your marketing investment. So, how do you go about doing that? 

1. Turn Old Blog Posts into a New eBook

One of the easiest ways to repackage content is to compile posts into an ebook. You can then sell the book or offer it as a free gift in exchange for an email address. This technique is only possible after you have created numerous blog posts or articles on a related subject. This process for ebooks is quite simple. Put the content into a Microsoft Word document and convert it into a PDF file using software. Just make minor edits and updates to make it more relevant. Hubspot turns its posts into ebooks on a regular basis. 

2. Convert Expert Interviews into Podcasts

Audio books are growing in popularity as authors take advantage of readers' desire to multitask. It's easy and fun to listen while driving to work, waiting in line, or even during a lull at work. If part of your content strategy includes interviewing industry experts, chances are you have those interviews recorded. Take those audio files and turn it into your own NPR episode.

3. Take Nuggets of Content and Make an Infographic

Infographics combine text with graphic design to convey a story from data and text. It's easy digestibility and visual appeal has made it wildly popular. They're simply more interesting to read than text-based posts. To turn a blog post or an article into an infographic, isolate the main points of the content and then hire a graphic designer to turn these points into images. You can also use tools like Piktochart to create your own infographics.

4. Turn Videos into Blog Posts

Videos are ideal for repurposing. It's fairly easy to translate your videos content into short blog posts, or even expand or update the ideas presented in the video. It's good practice to offer the video and the related blog post on the same webpage to allow people to choose the format they prefer. This is a good way to reach a broader audience with the same content. With a blog post, you can expand on the ideas in the video.

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