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4 Ways to Use the Holidays to Your Advantage



If you’re looking forward to enjoying some turkey, football and family time in the upcoming days, that’s great. We are too. But, don’t use relaxation as a way to avoid a potential marketing advantage. That’s right, holidays can work for you, especially if you’re a brand with a solid online presence.

Your customers are looking for the same things you are this holiday season – relaxation, rest and fun. But, they’re also on the lookout for special offers, deals and new opportunities to find brands to do business with. Over the holidays, your potential clients and customers are less focused on their own careers, this allows ample time for roaming the Web and for engaging online.

Does this apply to you? Absolutely. Reward them for their browsing efforts. Use the holidays to drive traffic, sales and conversions for your website by following a few of the following tips.

  • Offer holiday discounts and special offers to members of your community and e-mail list. Use the holidays as a way to give back and to reward them for their loyalty throughout the year, they’ll appreciate it.
  • Just reach out. Send a quick “Happy Thanksgiving” message or other holiday-appropriate message that reminds them that you’re thankful for them. Touching base is a great way to stay connected, no strings attached.
  • Use your downtime to increase your social media presence. Take your time off to look at your company’s social media presence. Are you doing everything you can to reach as large an audience as possible? Are you engaging with those who have left comments? If not, now is the time to change.
  • Holidays make a great excuse for a contest! Offer a contest to those who leave a message on your Facebook wall, Retweet a post of yours or leave a comment on your blog. This increases opportunities to engage and will help drive additional traffic.

Regardless of the efforts you put your time into, remember to thank your customers throughout the year. They are the reason you’re able to do what you do, and what’s really behind your brand’s success.

Join The Conversation

  • Nov 28 Posted 3 years ago Dan White Edmon...

    I think the writer has told us some useful things to do because marketing, business and promotion never end. If you are a brand, you should be always active towards your business and towards your customers. So, I think this article shows some facts to follow and its my personal opinion.


    Dan White Edmonton

  • Karine Heyden's picture
    Nov 27 Posted 3 years ago Karine Heyden

    Well, thanks for the article Jason


    BUT, I think there is only one thing you should do for holidays

    Spend your time with the family or whoever is close to you and enjoy those couple of days. Recharge.

     If you haven’t managed to grow your business during the working days you sure ain’t going to boost  your wealth just cause you decide to throw in some random promotions and a complementary “happy Thanksgiving” eCard

    If we were on facebook right now, I guess I would say something like : "Share if you agree"

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