40+ Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on February 6th 2014

40+ Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections [INFOGRAPHIC]
40+ Tips To Grow your Linkedin Connections - infographic
LinkedIn may not seem as sexy as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but more than 225 million people are using it, making it the world's largest professional social network that you can't ignore. So, how can you get the most from it? Kudos to the Who Is Hosting This team, who put together an infographic that takes a closer look at smart strategies that will help organically grow your LinkedIn connections in just five minutes per day.

Some key takeaways are:

Be more active on LinkedIn
Update your status daily and comment on updates from the companies you follow.
Participate in (or start) LinkedIn group discussions weekly.
Regularly update your profile information.

Make it personal
Instead of just sending a connection request, send a personal message with the request. This will make you stand out. Write a short message about how you know them, or why you would like to know them.

Reach out
Use the "Alumni" search feature to find connections from your high school and college. Join LinkedIn groups within your niche and take part in the conversations.

Ask people you know for endorsements
Follow up endorsements from others with a personal thank-you message. Don't accept or provide recommendations from people you do not know, or people whose skills you can't personally vouch for.
Double LinkedIn Connections Organically In Just 5 Minutes A Day [Infographic]

Double Your LinkedIn Connections In Just 5 Minutes Per Day [Infographic] by WhoIsHostingThis.com

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Posted on February 7th 2014 at 4:07AM

This is a great post! People definitely need to understand the value of LinkedIn, especially graduates looking for job opportunities and even just anyone looking to expand their network. Simply by keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date, many people are receiving requests from recruiters (although they are not always legitimate) and companies. This just goes to show that people recognize LinkedIn as the main network for professionals and are using it accordingly. For businesses and people this is an amazing opportunity. 

Irfan Ahmad
Posted on February 7th 2014 at 9:19AM

Toatlly agree Hailley that Simply by keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date, many people are receiving requests from recruiters.

Posted on February 9th 2014 at 9:50AM

On Linked in, it's quality which matters more than quantity. If you only had 10 connections and they were 10 very influential people who would take your call right now, this would be more useful than connecting with 500+ connections who are not strategically important to where you are going. Only connect with relevant people and avoid friends or associates who will have no influence or affect on your success.

Irfan Ahmad
Posted on April 7th 2014 at 7:12AM

Valid point bigsands.