5 Conclusions from the New Klout Scoring & Changes

Christel Quek Regional Social Business Lead, Samsung Asia

Posted on October 27th 2011

Klout just revised its scoring algorithm today to great effect, as seen from A More Accurate, Transparent Klout Score on the Official Klout Blog. Here’s a summary of 3 updates which have happened, and 5 conclusions I have gleaned from the new Klout scoring.

In Summary, here’s 3 updates:

1. Most top social media influencers, -not counting figures such as @BarackObama-, are not hitting 70 and above.

2. Score gaps have narrowed drastically among many top influencers; most of us are now hovering around 60-69.

3. More detailed insights on your Klout Dashboard to see how you have fared – with individual breakdowns by True Reach, Amplification, and Network. 

Here’s some of the responses I received from the recent changes to the Klout score:

and more…

Here’s my take- 5 conclusions from the new Klout scoring:

1. Klout is just another indication of how well you’re faring on social media. It’s not 100% accurate, because different people influence others in different ways. While numbers are important as a substantiation for clients and campaigns when there is a request on ROI- ultimately, as people, we have to examine our own purposes for being active on social media platforms. For me, I’ve been clear from the start that I want to try engaging my community as much as possible because I like to meet new people.

2.I believe that Klout wanted to refine the definition of an “influencer” with “improved” metrics.Essentially they’re making it harder to be a “high-powered” influencerHow this will affect current qualifications for Klout Perks remains to be seen.

3. A discussion with both @cammipham and @AskAaronLee highlighted this- Klout takes your engagement with highly influential people more seriously than it does with people who are not as influential in your community. This could have had an impact on the current revisions to the Klout algorithm. Again, this could be a glitch which Klout could be trying to fix. My belief is that this should not stop you if you have always viewed community engagement as a priority in your social media goals. Influencers will not be where they are without a community to influence. The heart of social media platforms lie with people as a priority, and not numbers as the primary focus.

I will not stop talking to people who have a lower Klout score than me because we’re all people and we are part of the larger community. Influencers were once at a position when they , too, did not have high Klout scores or commanded a high following. If Klout wants to penalise me for engaging with my community at large, and not just highly influential people- so be it. I enjoy engaging with my community and that’s why I am here, and active on social media platforms.

4. Of course, it will be great to understand some of the insights behind the new Klout algorithm, beyond words such as “transparency” and “accuracy”. Currently, it is not very clear as to what have been the main determinants in influencing the new scoring system.

5. Take a chill pill – don’t feel discouraged if your Klout score has gone down! It certainly does not speak of the amazing connections you have made through the social graph (Facebook) or the interest graph (Twitter).

What do you think?


Christel Quek

Regional Social Business Lead, Samsung Asia

Digital native who loves great thinking and strategy. Currently, Christel leads social business efforts regionally for Samsung Asia across Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Taiwan. Christel enjoys penning her thoughts and currently contributes to Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post. Her previous adventures include working for Havas Media Group as the Global Social Manager, where she worked on new business pitches, digital strategy, training, thought leadership and global marketing.

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 changes dropped my @IconicImagery acct by 30 & my  by 20. My topics are still questionable & JBieber still has perfect score. Done with it.

Regarding number three, I hope they do change this. I will never stop talking to those who have less influence than I do. In effect, that would make me a mean girl. I wasn't one in high school and I won't be one now. I would have never learned anything about social media without others, who knew more than I did, leading me. Additionally, penalizing you for doing that when they suggest that you invite less influential people to their service is kind of contradictory in my opinion.

thats the problem with these systems- there are no benchmarks. And just when you think you find something , they go and change and all scores break loose. Klout also penalises you for not tweeting over weekend or holidays which I think is incorrect as we all work differently and cant be painted with the same brush. Finally, not all followers are created equal. If a tweet gets Retweeted by a person who has 5 followers, it seems to get the same score as when a tweet gets Retweets by a Brand such as Samsung / vodacom/MTN. surely if a large brand thinks your tweet is worthy enough to Retweet it, it should count more. This new transparency isn’t so transparent (or clear)

"Take a chill pill". Well said :) The loudest complaints I've read are from those that dropped 20 points. From looking at a few of these person's tweets, the "victims" seem to be suffering from a bit of ego bursting. The fact is, in an era of open communication, people watch what people say. If an owner of a system sees abuse, they'll change it in an attempt to stop the abuse. Big deal.

Also, when looking for an expert opinion, Klout is giving an excellent alternative to search engines. Instantly I can see who I have a better chance gaining valuable information from. How is that possible? The great thing about Klout is, Klout is biased towards people actually connecting to their followers, not just collecting followers!

Now how can that be bad?


I am a brand new Klout user, so I can't comment on the old... I am finding the new, a bit hard to get my arms around. Still I find Klout encourages me to experiment with different types of posts. I am not sure the scores are giving me as much feedback as I would like... but so far it has been interesting to watch and try to gleam some insights.

I am not very impressed by Klout so far, and I dont think the numers should not be taken too serious. But the indication will probably be more accurate as they, and similar services, develop their algorithms. Here is a presentation I like about how to look upon influencers, and involve them in problem solving, by Joanne Jacobs who has also made an experiment with Klout herself.

What would be interesting as community manager, is also to look inside out - on the accumulated influence of all members of our organization, and how we can make sure to embraze and nurture the collected engagement in their personal networks. I would appreciate input on this area!